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  1. kadaver

    My account is still in the queue

    had an account, it got deleted from inactivity(i was away for awhile), submitted a ticket (dec 17), they told me to resignup (dec25), still havent got one back yet. it may not be that long of await but i got a registered domain doing nothing, and i dont feel like paying to have it transfered to...
  2. kadaver

    [50 credits]The (Un-)Official Christmas Raffle

    Sent 600c for 12 tickets, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  3. kadaver

    INSTANT payout with BUXOUT

    most site like these will probly end up this way, if the economy continues like it is.
  4. kadaver

    [Undisclosed Amount] Embedded Circuit

    Your gona have to be more specific then that. First, what kinda project: -Motor/servo control -Displays, like extra lcd displays -Lighting control -etc Second, what kind of interface: -USB -Serial -Parellel/Printer Port -SMBus -PCI/ISA -etc Third, the programming language: VB6, I know...
  5. kadaver

    Chain Reaction

    penguin reserve
  6. kadaver

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get "out of order" on the display, and all the crap you've tried to put in it comes shooting back out the coin return........... So u insert 1's and 0's
  7. kadaver

    Userbar generator in user admin

    The userbar gen in the user admin dosen't work, it keeps giving me this error when you submit and the preview image dosent work while you set te settings: Thought you guys would like to know. I was getting this last week, but thought maby its still being setup or something. thanks, kadaver.
  8. kadaver

    Chao Club

    I have took care of countless chaos (mostly in SA2), and haven't seen many sites(if any) devoted to chaos. I don't know if I could help much with the management or design but I'll be glad to add my 2 cents where needed.
  9. kadaver

    Low Stakes Credit Raffle - Earn 1000¢

    ticket# 257 please, sent 100c
  10. kadaver

    links hit counter?

    A simple method is using AJAX and php with mysql, atleast this is how I did it, there is probly an even simpler way maby using flat files but mysql is faster. use AJAX with "onclick" function to record clicks, file with link to be recorded add: "Stat('url or id#')" to "onclick" for any link...
  11. kadaver

    phpBB3 external login

    Is it possible to use this as a way to validate a users access to restricted pages for registered users only. seperate logins take too much time for users to get to stuff on the site. Currently my site uses Drupal and PHPBB3 with the forum as the master login and registration, I installed a...
  12. kadaver

    Domain Name Raffle!!

    yes a screenshot would help for proof of winner. Thanks for having the contest!
  13. kadaver

    Cancel x10rewards domain request?

    I was wondering if I could cancel my x10rewards domain request? I applied about 2 weeks ago havent heard anything about yet. Im asking this because I recently won a domain name contest and dont currently need multiple domains.
  14. kadaver

    Domain Name Raffle!!

    He decided to extend it till wednesday(tomarrow), its still going on
  15. kadaver

    Easiest 150 Credits and much more

  16. kadaver

    how often do you re-install windows?

    When I was using win98 as my main os, I re-installed 3times a month on average but i was using a really slow computer at the time anyways. with a lot better computer and win xp 2-3 times a year max with all the abuse I give it, i do alot of hardware modding and testing along with...
  17. kadaver

    Easiest 150 Credits and much more

    Im signing up here sortly do you know if they sell your email because I dont need any more spam in my mail, i get enough as it is? edit1: just signed up as ehcsah, just waiting approvel edit2: Signup Approved as user: ehcsah
  18. kadaver

    to the admins that dose domain registrations

    To the admins that do the domain registrations: (I didnt know where to post this) I submitted a request for a domain recently ( and after extensive research I found out that it is already taken, sorry for the inconvience that it may have caused. 3 weeks ago the domain search came up...
  19. kadaver

    Ehcsah Technologies

    Ive had my site up for about 1-2 weeks now, and still working all the bugs out, i'd like to get some opinions on it and the forum. To give a little bit of info on it: Ehcsah Technologies - Experimental Technologies and Research First of all its a Technology based site...
  20. kadaver

    Drupal Login Problem

    Any one got any ideas how to fix a problem with the new drupal 5.7. I recently changed my base_url from to and cant login I keep getting sent back to the main page with the login box still there and no admin menu selection. I'm also using the...