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  1. medphoenix

    |6500 credits| For an alumni script

    Dear x10 scriptwriters! I'm in need of an alumni php script. It should similar to one of the following alumni websites. If anyone can find or you can create it, I will buy for 6500 x10 credits. Scripts from "" will not be accepted. You can send me PM if you have any additional...
  2. medphoenix

    Single Static IP, Two accounts - Possible?

    Is it possible? Actually this nickname(medphoenix) and website( is owned by my brother. I want to have a x10 hosting website like my brother. I want to create an account for forum and website, but the problem is we are from same ISP and our IP address is static. Can I...
  3. medphoenix

    Is custom error pages allowed now?

    Why I'm asking it , because my website was suspended several months ago and reason was given : custom error pages. On those time when entered a non existent page it would be forwarded to, but now there are no redirection to x10hosting for "404" errors. So Can we use the feature...
  4. medphoenix

    Gathering of 3D graphic workers and animators

    I would like to meet all 3D Graphic/animation making people in x10 hosting. Those who talented in Maya, 3DMax are welcomed to post your 3D works here. Very soon I may make a competition for 3D modeling (will be posted in marketplace with price of 5000 credits), So Actually I wanted to know how...
  5. medphoenix

    [REQ] Free 4800 credits for a single person

    I like today and I will celebrate. The first person who answer why I should celebrate today will get 2809+2008 credits! Look like crazy? But I really like the day, so Would like to give some credits to somebody on this nice day!
  6. medphoenix

    Need logo for 1500 credits

    I need a logo says " Brave Tigers Alliance". Text "Alliance" should be smaller than 'Brave tigers' I need "PNG" and "PSD" files. Additionally, It should have any image related with browser game "Ikariam" (website: ). Size: any I need it before 4th of July. Credits will...
  7. medphoenix

    Removing Attachments in closed threads

    I don't know whether this is the place to post this thread as It's regarding about removing "Attachments Posted by medphoenix" in User control panel in forum. I have several attachments in forum, but I can't remove it since the thread where I posted was closed. So please any admin or...
  8. medphoenix

    Icons created by me....

    Please Comment on these Icons, which were totally created by me. These Icons are free to use and If anybody need PSD or "real draw pro files" of these icons, then I will cordially give you.
  9. medphoenix

    Contest: 2000 credits for visiting the website!

    Greetings X10ers! Visit to Just visit only..... no need to do any additional things. For prove that you've visited, you must describe (one simple sentence enough) about the contents of the website. e.g. "you have article titled as medical quotation", "your TOS Last...
  10. medphoenix

    Can't Remove Parked Domain : this was the subdomain I've created several months ago, but I deleted it. A few weeks ago this subdomain again appeared in cpanel. (Perhaps after Cpanel modification) I've already used allocated 3 subdomains, but this subdomain added with the other 3...
  11. medphoenix

    Chain Reaction

    I saw this game on another forum, A double or triple word phrase like " Running man". The other person should start with man..."Man Kind" E.g. of the game sequence: Metal Door Door-bell Bell sound sound like thunder (3 words) Thunder God......... I start with......... Blue Sky
  12. medphoenix

    Immediate help will give 500 credits

    Immediate help will give 1000 credits Please help me how to disable the custom error pages in Joomla 1.5 cms.. If you know and answer here I will give you 1000 credits for the first correct post. THIS IS URGENT PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  13. medphoenix

    25 - 2000 credits for joining with medgameplanet!

    I need active members for This is principally medical website, but It develops medical softwares. So I need members and staffs for improving this site. May be you or your relatives or your friends are related to medical profession ( may be your future aim is medicine)...
  14. medphoenix

    Need your comment!

    Hi X10ers, I need your comment on web template, which was created by me for the contest "X10Radio". Depend on your comments I could modify the template.Comment mean not to be said like "great site" "bad template" ...Please describe about good thing and bad thing in the templates. All my...
  15. medphoenix

    Need Headphone Picture for 250 credits! Urgent!!!

    Hi X10 members, I need a headphone photo/image/picture (whatever you say for it) urgently. I have tried to search in google image, but nothing is not suitable for my work. SO I NEED HELP FROM YOU! It should be more than 300 X 300 pixels, ( can be 310 x 500 or in any proportion) It must be in...
  16. medphoenix

    Rep Club - All Rep Links - No Posts!

    THIS IS NOT REP CLUB POSTS... PLEASE DON'T POST HERE... Rep Club Establisher: Bigjoe4 - "The king of Rep Club" Rep Club Administrator : Deathpie Rep Club's latest Idea was provided by : hypochondriac THIS THREAD WILL BE THE LINKS OF ALL REP CLUB MEMBERS! PLEASE DON'T ANSWER TO THIS THREAD...
  17. medphoenix

    Need Current login user Php code for joomla!

    Hello, Please If anyone know respond me with the code. What I want is, I need a PHP code for joomla CMS. This code should reveal the current login user (session). I need to put this for greeting the user like as follows: WELCOME XXXXX! When the user haven't login yet, It must show "WELCOME...
  18. medphoenix

    Bank of X10 Credits (an Idea)

    I plan to start a bank system for the x10 members. How it will work? Answer is..... You have to pay(donation to Bank owner) 50 credits to Be a client (join) of this BANK . This amount cannot be refunded. This bank will help you to save your credits with interests. The minimum amount can...
  19. medphoenix

    Earn 300 credits for find the text in the picture.

    Earn 300 credits for find the text in the picture A simple mind relaxation contest for X10 members. The Contest is absolutely free for entrance. All what you want to do is find the completed sentence in this picture. There may be 4 words or 8 words in the picture..this is your task to find the...
  20. medphoenix

    Please enable quick link for IRC

    There is no quick link to access IRC, for those who know the address will type irc://, but If there will be any quick link for IRC chat on the front forum page, It would be nice for everyone.