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  1. Dahlriku

    Transferring my PhpBB3 forum from one host to another.

    What I did was I installed PhpBB3 with the script installe then dumped all the entries in the database and imported the entries from my old one. Is there any foreseeable problems with this method?
  2. Dahlriku

    Global warming VS. World population

    I am going to put this in lay man's terms to get it out quickly. Stick one person in a closed room, the person will be fine. Stick bout 10 people in a closed room and it will get hot in there pretty quickly. Being warm blooded we produce body heat. Every person is basically a little heat...
  3. Dahlriku

    Cancer and such VS. population increase.

    A lot of things are going on in the world, cancer is on the rise, other deadly diseases are on the rise, and all of that. Well lo and behold, Population is on the rise as well. My theory is that even though the number of individual cases are up but the ratio of healthy vs unhealthy (per...
  4. Dahlriku

    You will get a kick out of this.

    common knolage is that for a 64 bit os you should have at least 2 gigs ram. i have a 64 bit motherboard, 64 bit dual core processor, 64 bit vista ultimate,a dn dual sli nvidia 8500 gt 512s, on 1 gig of ram. And i can still run Crysis. thoughts?
  5. Dahlriku

    Word Assoation Game

    Another forum game that i particularly like. What you do is you have come up with a word that is directly related the the previous one. The format usually goes like this: start word for example is sand poster1: sand >> beach poster2: beach >> summer poster3: summer >> seasons ect, ect...
  6. Dahlriku

    Question about the referal link system.

    I am aware that it is down, my question is not that or how long. My question is, will we be receive credit for the clicks made on our links while the system isn't working right when it is fixed?
  7. Dahlriku

    So who likes techno?

    Just some chitchat about such. favorite songs and mixes and such. One of my personal favorites is from Coburn, the song is We Interrupt this program(jean claude ades remix). I generally dislike ones where it is the same thing for a minute and slowly adds other beats.
  8. Dahlriku

    Hello everyone.

    While looking for a new hoster (old one has cpannel 2 and problems with some firewalls) I had come across x10. So far i like it, transferring my forum from my old host to here was surprisingly easy. The ability to choose the placement and the kind of ads you place on your site (for free hosting)...