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  1. mobstermind61

    Gaming Template Theme ( FREE TEMPLATE!) Limited Time only.

    Gaming Template Theme I have just created a really creative gaming website template design, the template is highly coded, and is also highly graphical, the design took some time out of life to create. Tested in: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Coding Languages used: HTML CSS3 Javascript /...
  2. mobstermind61

    Review my website template PLEASE?

    75% Finished Gaming Theme. Sources used: Java/Jquery, CSS3, HTML5. Creativity used: Image shaker, slideshow slider with zoom in, zoom out effect, and preview. Also border radius rounded corners with shadow effect. Artistic includes: custom logo, custom header, custom graphical...
  3. mobstermind61

    Gaming Template Design

    Been creating a dark color scheme Gaming Template Design, The layout consist of a custom CSS navigation bar, custom logo design, custom background, unique java image/video slider with fade in fade out effect. The slider also has a preview box on loader when you hover over it. Everything is coded...
  4. mobstermind61

    Database Merging

    Okay I have a a Database for a Forum and I have a Database for a Music Community, but I want to merge the two Databases Login and Registers together so if someone creates an account for my forum it will create an account for the Music Community site as well, A lot of my members don't want to...
  5. mobstermind61

    Having error issues ( php help )

    I recently got a website script from Agriya called Volume, when you go to upload music it executes fine, but when you go to edit the Mp3 settings / details no matter what you put in the input boxes it will not save the settings. I am pretty good with resolving issues but this one really has me...
  6. mobstermind61 (check it out)

    I would like some feedback on this mybb design, The site is based for Underground Rap, Hip Hop Artists to get comments and ratings on there lyrics. So Tell me what you think. Don't forget if you like to write lyrics sign up :) Feedback to help improve will be respected
  7. mobstermind61

    Check out my latest design for a rap forum

    Give me some feedback on the mybb design. --M -----O --------B ----------S -----------T ------------E -----------R ---------M -------I ----N -D
  8. mobstermind61

    Good new idea! (so what do YOU think?)

    I was thinking maybe having a featured website top 5 in the index, this would include the top 5 weekly top posters in order from 1 to 5, and the far left user or number one would lets say have 200 posts during that week and he or she gets featured for a full week because that person had the...
  9. mobstermind61

    I never Introduced myself and I been here for months

    Hello everyone I am Mobstermind or otherwise known as Jay I been developing an coding website since I been in diapers pretty much and I love it, half the time I do it for free, more of a passion then a job to me, I understand HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA and some others but these ones I listed are most...
  10. mobstermind61

    Free photo editors what do you prefer to use? (Review and Analyze)

    There is two editors that I know of and use daily, and they consist of Gimp and, What do you prefer to use out of these 2 different editors? give me the upsides and the down sides of both of them, Both these free programs have hundreds of plugins to make them all but what Photoshop is...
  11. mobstermind61

    Web designer link exchange / possible partnership

    If any web designers want to link exchange I am also a website designer and I would be glad to link exchange with you. I also would like to establish a few partnerships with other designers for creation purposes. Let me know?
  12. mobstermind61

    Afiliated programs are good money makers

    Ever have a post to host account, 50 posts = another month free hosting Well think of all that time spent while you could be posting in hundreds of other forum accounts bringing in members for companies that offer affiliated payouts for all the members you have signing up to them. If you made...
  13. mobstermind61

    I need a good idea for a template design (any suggestions?)

    I will be creating a new template but I am at a loss for what type of website I just make a design for, my last template was a website hosting company design. Any Suggestions?
  14. mobstermind61

    If anyone needs help intalling Scripts let me know ill help!

    If anyone needs help installing php, templates or any type of script, let me know in my Notifications as a message and ill be sure to help you install them, I am normally on 24/7 and I know x10hosting staff cant always be there to help or answer questions for you so ill try to take up that loop...
  15. mobstermind61

    2 New idea for upgradable hosting

    2 New ideas for upgradable hosting Idea 1 Maybe x10hosting can have a post to host feature for more features and higher limitations for there free hosting account. Like 20 post for unlimited databases or 50 posts a month for the $3.95 hosting plan. That would most likely make this forum one of...
  16. mobstermind61

    Hosting Index Design

    I been working on a Graphical Hosting Index design template and I was wondering if anyone else thinks the template is presentable? Please note that all links do not work, this is a design not a actual website so its just for structure and style. Tell me what you think :)...
  17. mobstermind61

    please help me!

    i got a warning sayin something about there is to much memory flooding my cpu or something like that, and im on my second warning and i don't understand how to fix the issue? how can i fix this problem? ---------- Post added at 09:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:18 PM ---------- I...