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  1. tmfksoft

    Signup queue (split)

    A decent free web hosting service is sought for, also such services get hit with bots. Best you can do is wait it out.
  2. tmfksoft

    TMFKSOFT, Signing in after 2 years of inactivity.

    Hi all, I'm Thomas aka TMFKSOFT. I've never really been active on this forum at all. I never even uploaded an Avatar until today, nor signed in until today. I registered in 2012 :o Regardless, I've been a long time customer of x10Hosting (2 Years, Not that long I know.) I've even used it for a...
  3. tmfksoft

    I've not signed into this forum in nearly 2 years. :O!

    I've not signed into this forum in nearly 2 years. :O!
  4. tmfksoft

    Tired of downtime

    x10 Staff cannot help that the server needs work on it. Would you rather run on a faulty server or wait till its fixed? I think i'd rather wait rather than risk something like a security breach. They cannot make a server as they would have to buy a new one which entails installing all the...
  5. tmfksoft

    cPanel not working on Boru

    I think the staff know. It's best to sit back and chill why the staff address the problem, they will most likely post on the forum when they have fixed the issue. Thanks, Thomas Edwards