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    POEM - I wish I knew, By MattG - britishnproud

    A poem I write, narrated and published via video.
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    Blame someone else for death by Iraq War!

    Here's how it works; You are paying for the war and those being pepper bombed blame you for it, but here you can pretend it is not really your fault for being greedy, ignorant and stupid. Explain to the victim why it is not your fault, less that 100 words. I will start; I tried to stop it...
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    Police State UK - How to go about your lawful accord when being harassed by the polic

    Original Article: posted by 'MattG' Last Thursday I was falsely arrested for 'Drunk and Disorderly' but I was neither drunk or disorderly. Today I am going out to express myself, but fear I may be...
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    The Footwear Industry

    I have been doing a little bit of research into the 'footwear industry' and wanted to share some of the things I have found. Footwear is big business In the UK alone the footwear industry has a 6.5 billion income. Quote from the British Footwear Association (BFA) WebSite Homepage...
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    VPS Support using teamspeak 3

    I have created a teamspeak 3 environment so that anyone and everyone who is either seeking answers or wanting to share solutions to our common VPS headaches can do so. Obviously there is this arena and I think it important that common solutions are written down, but I also realise how...
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    Teamspeak 3 - running and maintaining

    TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.0-beta22 Available Now No significant changes, quick update.
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    How2 - Shorewall Firewall - Deb5 / Ubuntu 9

    This is my basic how2 for shorewall firewall on the VPS for deb5 / ubuntu 9 prepare your VPS; apt-get update apt-get upgrade -yInstall shorewall; apt-get install shorewall/etc/shorewall /etc/default/shorewall /usr/share/shorewall /usr/share/shorewall-shell...
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    How to backup / restore VPS on new platform

    You can login to the VPS Control Panel and 'Create Quick Backup'. This will create a file in /panelbackup on your VPS. /panelbackup/backup_tar.gz Maybe not much good to you, but I did figure out a way to either use this file or create other more versitile backups that can be scheduled pretty...
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    iptables, shorewall and vps compatibility??

    :dunno:This question might be easier to answer if I actually knew what I was talking about.... :dunno: :dunno: OS Ubuntu 9.04 Anyway; I recently installed shorewall firewall and have it configured and working (at a basic level) but when I run the command shorewall show capabilities I get the...
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    *HELP PLZ* How can I activate ssh logging?

    Hi, I have a vps package X5 ubuntu-9.04-x86 is our chosen OS. My question is; How do I initiate SSH hisory logs? I also have a shared hosting package - corporate - When I use putty to access this server I can press the up arrow and scroll through previous administered commands and I...
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    Is Rand Paul a Freemason?

    I recently posted this article on & and it has created quite a stir so I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound. By the way the 2 links are identical copies of this article, but the websites are interesting anyway. Is Rand Paul a Freemason? What do you mean by...
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    Do NOT review my website

    I do not want you to review our website. Instead I invite you to see beyond the shoddy graphics and clumsy phph and find the heart and soul of our website. What is this website here for? what are they trying to achieve? could I be of assistance? Review yourself. The site is put together by a...
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    authorized_keys2 file has been deprecated as of openssh version 3

    Please note, the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file has been deprecated as of openssh version 3, and so only the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file is managed. These are the ssh keys from the machines which can login to this server without providing password. Make sure you keep this list trimmed. My ssh...
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    Best hosting company I have had the pleasure of doing business with!

    I have been a paid customer with x10hosting for little over a year now. I have not spent a lot of money with x10hosting, but who does? I have a VPS account and shared hosting account. Support Tickets: 35 Yes, I have submitted 35 support tickets, I think that figure has to be including...
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    Was 9-11 an inside job?

    8 years and 4 days ago 3,500 people were murdered on international tv. You would think that 8 years later and everything there is to know about the events would be common knowledge and agreed upon. A common consensus of what 'actually' took place. So why is it that 8 years later and the US...
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    VPS - Proxy Server?

    Having reviewed several Proxy Server repo's for ubuntu I am not entirely sure I found what I was looking for. I want to install a 'Proxy Server' that will only allow access via username / password and can only be used for specific port sets. I want our admins team to be able to use the proxy...
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    Recommended Open-Source Alternative to Dreamweaver CS3?

    I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and am rather familiar with it and overall like the programme, but it takes an eternity to sync with remote, those _notes files are a pain when using other ftp or ssh programs and I do not really want to shell out for cs4 because cs3 was expensive. I...
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    VPS - local testing server

    To replicate my VPS locally; Sun Microsystems - VirtualBox (GPL) This VMware is in my opinion better than Microsoft Virtual PC ( ) because it works... lol It supports all the distro's of linux, give or take, has worked...
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    AMP - local testing server

    Hi, I have worked with several local testing server environments and want to share my own personal experience to help the next guy/gal. To replicate my shared hosting environment I used xampp for quite a while. apache2 / mysql/phpmyadmin / php...
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    QUESTION... Is it possible to install HyperVM in Sun VirtualBox?

    Hello, I have been hitting the search engine prior to asking this question and am not really any closer to a definitive answer. Is it possible to replicate my x10 VPS using Sun VirtualBox? Maybe installing HyperVM and the available distro's. I would like to do this so I can practice installs...