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  1. pirran

    Server errors and suspensions

    I've been getting Mysql errors and internal server errors all day, and I finally managed to get into my Joomla back end to upload a template from RocketTheme. I tried twice, the first time I went straight to a suspension page for overusing resources, the second time I got a Mysql error and then...
  2. pirran

    Installing Eris

    Hello, I'm having trouble working out how to install Eris. I downloaded it from here and followed the instructions to edit the file accordingly, but I can't figure out where to upload the files or how to make it appear on my site. I'm new to website building and use Joomla 1.5, so step by step...
  3. pirran

    Hello! :)

    Hi everyone. I'm Kat, a newbie Joomla user. I've been hanging out in the eris chat for a couple of days but thought I should post and say hello. I tend to have a lot of silly questions but they're always nicely answered or I figure it out two seconds after I ask, even if I'd been working on the...