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  1. dickey

    Help with Regex

    hi I have this regular expression in php using preg_replace... preg_match("/\"\w+\"\.z\(\)/", $string, $matches); anyway to keep it short it matches... "This is a string".z() and "Another string".z() but it unfortunately matches... "GET: "".z() when I want it to...
  2. dickey

    Viral Scripts - VBS

    Has anyone encountered a VBS Worm by the name of "Cool USEP Sex Scandal" or "Nude SSG Sex Scandal" if the answer is yes can you PM me please I want to ask you to email the original file or script of the worm the one that is encrypted. Thanks Edit: Oh and if anybody got infected with this it is...
  3. dickey

    Php gd

    Is php GD support enabled for intermediate? I want to make a captcha script. Thanks for a quick reply.
  4. dickey

    How do you put titles below your username?

    I at first thought that below the forum username on the left hand side is a rank by which you earn it based on number of points or creds. But seeing that there are a lot of variety like 'nothing else matters' (or something like that.) 'x10 forum spammer' and the likes... so maybe I thought that...