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  1. pintwin173

    Imunify 360...who's doing this?

    "Imunify Security is the best security solution for linux servers." Sure must be, because every time it pops up while I'm editing my Wordpress blog their CAPTCHA test lasts forever, like a Sisyphean sliding block puzzle. It's impossible for me to contact the server. I suspect Wordpress is...
  2. pintwin173

    Email: Is "SPF_SOFTFAIL" a Serious Problem?

    Seems I can receive emails but some people report they didn't get email I sent. In addition, some websites whose comment boards require an email address have marked my comments as "Detected as Spam", and they're either rejected :(or future comments banned :banghead: Using a popular email...
  3. pintwin173

    Request to Increase Storage Size

    FYI, I'm at 374.5 MB / 512 MB of capacity (73%) and the remaining space does not allow me to create, download, and delete a backup file (zip / .gz). Not an urgent request, and thanks in advance. Pintwin173
  4. pintwin173

    Email Address NOT ON FILE?!?

    Visited, I like the new clean look of the site. Log in screen presents this: "LOGIN TO CONTINUE Any account that has not been accessed since September 3rd, 2021 must do a password reset." No problem: I entered my email address - which I've had since creating my website over 10...
  5. pintwin173

    Resolved BTW: Domain No longer Exists!

    My headline is a statement and not a question. I'm guessing x10Hosting didn't pay a bill to, and their domain was parked. Note people that we enjoy x10hosting for FREE, so this isn't a complaint on my part but just a statement. It was probably just an oversight...
  6. pintwin173

    Resolved Can't Receive Emails, Can Send Them :-(

    Title describes the problem. Back in June 2020 I had an email problem which (I believe) was resolved, as I tested it using my other email account on x10hosting and could send/receive. Unfortunately, I've been informed by other websites they can't verify my email address. I've tested it out...
  7. pintwin173

    Resolved Can't Connect Using Private Internet Account

    "There is a problem with your request We've found that you're connecting with a network proxy, VPN, or Tor, and we're unable to complete your request because of this. Please disable any such service, sign out and back in." Note I use a private internet account (xfinity) but access my Company's...
  8. pintwin173

    Resolved "Error Forwarding Your Sign in"

    I can log into X10 Hosting just fine, but after clicking "Open CPanel" (which should be changed to "DirectAdmin"?) I get the following: Sign in Successful Please standby while transfer you to your web hosting account. An error has occurred forwarding your sign in. Retry Also noticed accessing...
  9. pintwin173

    Resolved Can't receive any email, "505 Activation Required" :-(

    Was told an email was sent, but I didn't receive it (which, I suspect, caused me to lose the website stats service I had been using for almost 10 years =:-o ) Here's what I was told happened: "Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address...
  10. pintwin173

    Site Migrated, but Wordpress & Mail not Working :-/

    Site's been migrated (thanks!), but see title. 1 - My landing page displays briefly, but then Wordpress doesn't load (500 Error) Have inspected wp inputs (db name / user name / pw / localhost), landing page html, and htaccess files, all are unchanged. Does htaccess need to be modified from...
  11. pintwin173

    Any Update on CPanel to DirectAdmin Migration?

    (See title) Note I've already read the Dec. 13th, 2019 announcement, please don't point me to it. I'm asking for a progress report with estimated completion date. Thanks!
  12. pintwin173

    Email Blacklisted as Spam?

    Posting to a website using my email address results in some sites reporting it as "Spam". A Quick look at cPanel Email Deliverability Settings reveals: Domain: Mail: HELO DKIM PROBLEMS EXIST A “DKIM” record does not exist for this domain. This...
  13. pintwin173

    Email Account Hijacked?

    Have recently received a couple of email stating my account has been hijacked and demanding ransom to a Bitcon (sp? ;-) account. Considered these emails spam as it fits the description of examples found on Redit r/Scams (here)...
  14. pintwin173

    Cpanel unavailable, website gone?!?

    Logged onto X10 Hosting today and found Cpanel Main Menu unavailable and under "My Websites" a screen saying "You don't have any websites added." Further investigation from x10 Hosting's top page shows my Domain (, Email accounts, and Database (Wordpress) still exist...
  15. pintwin173

    IP Deny Manager Not Working?

    .Since Feb 11th my site's been visited by at increasing frequency -- now it's once/day or more. I've put their IP into IP Deny Manager to no effect. Link resolves to a website "", where any search forewards to linkzcloud, a survey locker. Probably...
  16. pintwin173

    "Account Suspended"?!?!?

    Got this message today - totally surprised :eek:, as I try to log into my account every week or so to keep it active. ("Try" being the operative word here, as most of the time I get the "Sign in complete! Redirecting to the control panel.." screen and then a spinning icon :banghead: - does it...
  17. pintwin173

    Is Image Upload Size Capped?

    Tried to upload 2 images (jpg) to Vox a few minutes ago: Smaller (32Kb) image loaded fine, but larger (992Kb) image failed. Further investigation suggested that uploading an image larger than about 700Kb would fail (an 669 Kb image worked, 800Kb image failed) I've noticed others mentioning...
  18. pintwin173

    "Tag Sale" page: OK w/ Free Hosting?

    I'd like to put up a "tag sale" section on my site: Nothing fancy, just a list of stuff and buyers can email me if they'd like to make an offer on something. Not an auction site, not "eCommerce", no PayPal - I'm not a business, just a person trying to downsize my "dust collectors". I didn't see...
  19. pintwin173

    OK to add local search engine script?

    I'm considering adding a script to search only my website - no other content, and not even my WordPress content (which includes it's own search). Currently, I'm contemplating kSearch. I've reviewed the TOS ( and believe it's OK - script runs locally, doesn't run...
  20. pintwin173

    ETA Re: Chopin Server Disk Issue?

    Not complaining or panicking - Service has been working great for some time now and I understand disks occasionally get full and need garbage collection and/or expansion. Just curious to know if there's an ETA on resolving the "disk space" issue on Chopin. Thanks in advance! ;-) -- pintwin173