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    Starka Down?

    Is Starka Down? If not, then something wrong with my hosting. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Servers Down?

    Hello, I am having problems with the servers. This seems like it just has started. Eaither my website loads slow, or sometimes it wont, and it gives me a error saying something like "Cannot connect to Server". I am running on starka. All I want to know is, is there updates going on, will this...
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    Re-Signed Up

    I requested my account to be terminated, witch it was, and when I registered a new account, I activated it with email, and did the security question. I get to the panel page with like, the link to my site and the link to my cPanel login. But the website doesn't work. My Server: Starka My...
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    Request Account Deleted

    I am requesting my account to be deleted. It was Suspended for Nulled Scripts, and I promise not to use them again. I am requesting a Admin or Account Manager to terminate my account. I will once again register the site up again, and not install that software. Thanks, Josh
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    Ticket #069864B4B2B0(Suspended)

    I am suspended, and I believe that it was for a good reason. BUT I want the account back, so can a Account Manager or Admin delete the /forums directory so I can use my account again. Thats all that needs to be deleted is the /Forums Directory. Thanks, Josh
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    404 Error

    I forgot how to do this.. Okay I know this has something with .htaccess. Okay, I made my own custom 404 error page, but it does not work if someone does a wrong page, it goes to to the X10 error page.
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    Free Account

    I have not gotten that new upgrade. I am using lotus server.
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    cPanel Error

    I have seen that when you click on "Home" at the top, it tries to go to index.php when it is really .html, can you fix this please, its getting annoying.
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    Domain Problem

    I have found a new host(I will not say), and I put there DNS into my domain control panel, but when i go to my domain, it goes to the x10hosting site, that Punk just deleted. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Like sometimes, when I go to my domain, it goes to the right place, but...
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    Need Account Deleted

    I need my account deleted, because sometimes my site goes to my new webhost, and sometimes it goes to the x10 suspended page, and I'm tried of it, so it would be good if a admin could delete my hosting account. Edit: Anyone?
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    How long does it take...

    To get a reply from a Support Ticket I sent in? I really need my site back up...
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    Hello, I was wondering if somehow I could make it where port 43594 and 5555 would be available because I have a website that has a server status and it requires 43594 and 5555.
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    Cant edit error pages?

    Hello, I have tried and tried to edit the 404 page error to say what I want it to say, witch is this.. but it doesn't update, it goes to the defualt one that x10 has.