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    Can anyone shed any more light on the matter of is it fully operationally again, as I seem to have a problem again name servers acepted fine but now the domain is unreachable . please advise. Thank you
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    Is there something wrong please as I have been unable to access my site now via ftp In Dreamweaver for a few hours. Can anyone confirm there is a problem or is it within my set up. Thank you. well all is working now again can confirm just problem with email.
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    Php mail

    Can you please tell me why I am unable to send mail again from my site, I am on the Chopin server. It used to at one time and I have not changed the php script. Please could you advise me on this it would be greatly appreciated to know what the issues are here.
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    Ass of present I have not been able anymore to upload via ftp , this has been all working fine prior to 6th september. it keeps saying ..... An FTP error occurred - cannot put index.php. There is not enough disk space on the server to perform this action. However I can still upload...
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    PHP the mail()

    Can some one please put me right with this, I have been told that the free acounts alow you to use this, but I am unable to send mail with my script. Please can some one corect me on the corect set up I have included a the script on a previous request. Thank you.
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    Php mail function

    Am I doing anything wrong please for this to work here ? I am completely lost with out any one help, i have been told that the free accounts still have the mail function working but I can get mine to work. Could some one please advise me and point me in the right direction . Thank...
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    PHP Mail

    Is the Php mail function still working with free accounts as I am unable to get my script to run properly. If it is still available to use with the free hosting would some one please offer me some help, this would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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    Named server

    what is the name server so I can add it to configure to my Domain Name? Thank you