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  1. harmony7

    "ServerTokens not allowed here": Why happen this problem? My website doesn't show and generates an 500 Server Internal Error

    Hi, good day. I have problem with my website. Shows me an 500 Server Internal Error and my apache logs shows this message: "ServerTokens not allowed here". I would like to know why I have this error with my website? X10hosting doesn't allows ServerTokens or what's the problem? I would like...
  2. harmony7

    expose_php off It is possible on X10hosting?

    Hi, nice day. I would like know if is possible disable or enable this option, because I didn't find out any option to do it from my DirectAdmin Panel. Thanks a lot for your answers and regards.
  3. harmony7

    I can't adding my own domain in DirectAdmin. I got this message "Domain exists on"

    Hi nice day. I need your help for resolve this problem. I trying add my own domain (, but I got a message that says "Domain exists on". IP is from x10. I don't registered domain in any hosting until now. I send a screenshot about incident. I will be very...
  4. harmony7

    I didn't any confirmation message for recovery my password on my email

    Hi there! I write this message because I triying recover my x10 hosting account using the new system interface. However, I still without receiving confirmation message in my email. I checked in my junk and spam folders, but nothing any email. I need recover my account. Usually, I able login...
  5. harmony7

    DirectAdmin Panel logout me after I able login in successfully

    Hi guys, I notify a problem about DirectAdmin Panel login. Because I was login in DirectAdmin, but after I able login DA logout me and shows me main page, where I put my user and password. This happen 1 or 2 minutes after I had been login on Control Panel. I don't understand why happen me this...
  6. harmony7

    Resolved FTP and Cpanel wont login...

    I have this problem too. I am able login FTP, but I cannot login in DirectAdmin. I hope resolve this problem because I need update my website. My domain is
  7. harmony7

    Resolved AUTH TLS Error: Could not connect to server. Error when I trying login FTP on Filezilla

    Hi, I have problem with access to FTP using Filezilla. When I try login I receive next error: "Command: AUTH TLS", after software shows message: "Error: Could not connect to server". I had configured Filezilla with default parameters in according with x10 hosting FTP default configs. What is...
  8. harmony7

    Resolved I can't access to DirectAdmin Panel - Err_Timed_Out

    Hi, I notify that I cannot access to DirectAdmin Panel since a few hours ago. I don't know what is the cause, but yesterday I was could access to Control Panel yet without problems. I need update some files from my website but I cannot upload by FTP because I experiment troubles for access it...
  9. harmony7

    Resolved How can I add a subdomain but ends with my own domain tk?

    Hi, good day. I have a dude about this option. I want add subdomain, but this subdomain ends in my own domain tk. There's no option for this one in DirectAdmin. Somebody can help me to resolve this problem? Thank you. Regards.
  10. harmony7

    Resolved I can't access to my website after update A record proper

    Hi, good day. I have two principal problems with my hosting. The first problem, I can't to access my website after update A record proper from Cloudflare. Once updated the new IP (my host is on x15, because this information appears each time I was login), instead appears my website functioning...