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  1. wwinter

    Cpanel has Softaculous but no Yourls

    I cannot find Yourls in the Softaculous panel in my cPanel. Is it that x1hosting has removed Yourls from the list in Softaculous? Read:
  2. wwinter

    Can't access my control panel

    My website cannot be accessed. I've missed the 21 days to log into my account as my child is not well recently. My final warning was sent to me on 13 Jun, so I think I've missed the dateline to login to my account by a few days. While I believe I may not be able to remove the suspension due to...
  3. wwinter

    Security Token is invalid

    When I tried to login to cpanel, it says "security token is invalid". Any explanation for this and what is the resolution? Please advise.
  4. wwinter

    Addon Domain

    How do we add an Addon Domain? I'm in the cpanel, but how do we add an Addon Domain? Is it that we must purchase a domain from a domain registrar first? Please assist.
  5. wwinter

    New thread cannot be posted on Off Topic?

    Tried to post a new thread in Off Topic, but unsuccessful.
  6. wwinter

    Hello, I'm new

    Yeah, I'm new and like to know everyone.