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    My Nature photography site

    looking good. I found small detail you should change - in every gallery after info about lightbox you have "the bird". Myabe you ust mised it. The home page should have something at the bottom at leaas free space couse i was trying to scroll that site down few times. In my opinion you should put...
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    Hi..can you please review my new website?

    nice, I like it, I've been there only for a momnet and there is nothing to complain. You can add digg and delicious :-) let them bookmar it :p cool logo :biggrin:
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    Please Review my fully updated website , and submit experience.

    Doesn't load now and check your links cose one is with and another at you have a title in the bar and thats all
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    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    My first game was Comandos and I remember how exciting it was to look at the flashlights light and crawl and run to avoid it and killing from the back with knife. Hmm... it was first game on my PC... but i used to play saper :D and i still love it :D my personal best (when I understood it) in...
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    New member introduction

    :) nice to hear that It will be my first site like this. I hope to earn some money with it. I have an idea to create a lot of sites mini sites full of good content articles and all stuffed with good keywords so it will be targeted. and all sites will have content ads. but not google...
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    New member introduction

    hi my name is Lukasz I'm a new member I created a hosting account to host my site on with im still working if someone is interested it is about viral marketing, and other about attracting abundance. Best regards Lukasz :)