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    Need help with JavaScript

    Can someone please tell me what's wrong with my code? I'm beginning PHP and MySQL and I'm trying to take my information (about a soldier in the example) that already exists and put it in a table. I also want to get it so I can add more. <head> ... <script type="text/javascript"> function...
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    Space limits

    I would like to know how much MB/GB of space I get. I want to put movies on my website (and I make them), so I need an idea to know how to set this up. If you could reply by my email at, that would be great.
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    The rules are: No cussing (though you wouldn't anyway you sweet things:redface:) Blatant racism isn't accepted. Only funnies here. Celebrity jokes must be real celebrities (Obama and Justin Bieber work best) NO KNOCK KNOCK JOKES. I HATE KNOCK KNOCKS. JUST BUST DOWN THE $#@$ DOOR...
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    Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre

    The best game EVER. Better than all the inappropriate new-age zombie junk they put out nowadays. Who's with me?
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    Uzi Ninja is in the forum!!! (As if anybody knew who I was)

    I am Uzi Ninja!!! Bwahahahaha... heh... Whatever. I'm new. Will somebody help me find my way around? I'll post in the forums, but I'm just here for the hosting.