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    Unable to sign in to account portal - Redirect to CP Fails

    Lately, I have been running into issues signing in to my account portal. I stayed quiet hoping that the issue would be resolved. But I guess it wasn't a good idea after all - my account is suspended for failing to sign in and I'm still experiencing the same issues that probably caused the...
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    X10Hosting Logo/Button

    Hi, since on my webpage (still working on it), I'm going to add a few buttons, I figured I might as well add one for X10Hosting. Is there a standardized logo/button for X10hosting? Yes, I did use the useful search function and I didn't have too much luck unfortunately.
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    Webspace sign up problems

    Hello, After being in the forums for about three days, I've signed up for the X10Static Free Hosting Account. I've used the lottery bypass code. I received this email: " Thank you for signing up with x10Hosting. Your application for free web hosting has been submitted. When you signed up, you...
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    Hello everybody, My name is James and I'm from New York City. I'm going to graduate from High School this year. I've saw Spartan Erik's reply on a thread at forums and I've decided to drop by here. I'll be honest: just like almost everyone else here, I'm in need of a new...