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    Unable to access hosting account

    Hi, I'm unable (have never been able to on this one - previous one was deleted for inactivity) to log into my hosting account. I've tried resetting it a couple times, but it hasn't worked.
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    x10hosting as a subdomain & .htaccess

    I'll have to see if I can explain what I'm doing clearly enough with random domain names and such. I'm trying to figure out some DNS/domain concepts. I know the basics, but I haven't done much with sub-domains. It's theoretical to see what's possible. I also know that I can just have all...
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    Using SQLyog?

    I haven't messed with DBs before, so I have to be missing something, I guess. I've already created an account and associated that with a database. I found that we're supposed to user localhost as the host address and the rest is below. MySQL host address: localhost User name...
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    Absolut Ad-Free down?

    I didn't see anything under news about actual downtime, figured I'd make a quick mention and report if it continues (been around 15 minutes now, I think). It does usually slow down around this time/a bit later but not enough to time out, usually. isn't showing...
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    hidden .htaccess file through file manager

    inaccessible .htaccess file through file manager I was editing it without any problems earlier, but after I mapped my site to a network drive (now disconnected and a bit buggy) on Vista, I could no longer view the .htaccess file (could view it on the network drive, pain to edit, though). I've...
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    Hotlinking image exception?

    Hotlinking protection is enabled and working fine. :) I was thinking of hosting an image via x10 as part of a "link to us" type of thing. Would that be allowed? If it is, is it possible to add an exception for that specific file using RewriteCond, or is that just for allowing directories...
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    It's a great service that you guys provide :). It'll be nice to have a stable, public site for me to poke at/test things on; I can't really show everyone stuff from uni/work sites if I want privacy.