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  1. ivandist

    What's your web design environment?

    Netbeans along with Flash, Fireworks... For the database I use PHPMyAdmin. For minor stuff Notepad++ is very useful :)
  2. ivandist


    English please? :D joking HTTPDOCS = Public_html folder. I think that's what you're trying to ask.
  3. ivandist

    Upload limit ?

    You can split a file in several .zip archives, upload and then decompress them through the File Manager in you Cpanel. After that you can always select those files and COMPRESS them again to become just one file. Not the best solution but if you can't use the FTP or Webdisk there's no more...
  4. ivandist

    Moron question

    Well that's a good start -> What exactly do you need SQL for? Are you working with any SQL based databases? MySQL, PostgreSQL?
  5. ivandist

    404 Error

    Happened the same thing to me, good it sorted itself out or I would have to kill someone :D
  6. ivandist

    suspended but not suspended

    Follow the link, if you have any kind of suspension it SHOULD appear there :)
  7. ivandist

    50 Creds to accept lockerz Invites

    Oh wasn't aware of that! That's a good "protection" against bots :) Thanks for the information mate. PS: Guess I can receive PMs now heh? :D
  8. ivandist

    50 Creds to accept lockerz Invites

    Sorry for the noobish question, but where do I set that option? I've tried to find it but no luck. Thanks in advance :)
  9. ivandist

    50 Creds to accept lockerz Invites

    I've been trying to get my hands in one of those, can you send it my way please? PM me please for the email. Thanks in advance!
  10. ivandist

    Can i get more than 3 SQL databases

    You could use different prefixes for the tables. For example: forum_users forum_posts forum_topics site_pages site_links site_accounts Get it? That way you don't need MORE databases, just use one with tables properly prefixed so you don't mix them up and break everything :P
  11. ivandist

    Additional Changes

    As you can see this is my first post here, hopefully the first of many :) As far as I've seen this is a great free host, and although I have logged to the forums almost everyday since signup, having 1month as the limit is great! My holidays tend to last more than 2 weeks. Thank you for...