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    Gmail rapidly increasing their storage

    Hey guys what do you think. You guys notice that Gmail has been increasing their mail storage? What you guys think about gmail now?
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    X10hosting mail server?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys support phpmail and stmp? Cause i'm running IPB and i can't send any mail to my members. The members can't even receive any password recovery mail. If you guys do support php or stmp what's the stmp info?
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    I need comments from you guys about me!

    Hey m8s, before I start I would like say to Auvee that this is not a spam. I'm trying to help out the forum in my spear time, Couple days back I got a warning from Auvee about something I don't even know and now, today, 26 March, 2005, I got another warning from Auvee saying that I’m spamming...
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    My website doesn't work!!!

    Hi guys, I'm getting difficulties getting into my website and ftp also. Any help? Or anyone else having the same problem? Website is,
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    Some Suggestions & Questions!!!

    Ok, here: 1. A link to the shop 2. I wish the bank would have given you interest 3. Can you just lowered the cash price of those shop item. (LOL, it's just a suggestion, i think it's too much to pay for. hahahahah) 4. Is there something in the shop that is suppose to be added? Like the ad...
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    Where is the edit post button?

    Hey guys. What i've notice is that you guys don't have the post edit function. It would be great to have to function here!! :confused:
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    Banner code for xadvance plan? And how to?

    Hi guys. I've searched this forum and I found this topic Is that the code for xadvance plan? If yes how can I put it in IPB 2.0.3? :smile:
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    Hi, everyone.

    Hi everyone. My name is Alex. I'm very friendly. I love to make friends. I love the internet very much. I go on the net, go to alot of forums and help out. I help other to maintain and create website free of charge just to increase my knowledge of computers and internet. I can't think of much to...