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    problem with my site builder

    hi I'm having problems with my website builder i am able to log in but as son as i do i get a split screen on one half is my website builder and the other half is the log in page but i am unable to do anything i can log into my account no problem and also have no problem viewing my website...
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    website pages

    is it better to have more pages on your website or more content per page ? for example if i have quite a long web page with different information on it would it be better if i split the information onto two pages
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    free hosting

    for some reason or other i am unable to post in the free hosting section anyone else have this problem or a solution for it ?
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    site reptile

    the website builder has gone from my cpanel and now i cant edit my website anyone got any news on this my website loads ok so ive made it through the starka upgrade thanks to the staff for doing there work but i need the website builders admin panel so i can work on my site and a domain i...
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    two accounts

    hi all my brother wants to build a website for his business but im guessing it will be me who has to build it and look after it i know having two accounts is against the rules but wont it look like i have two accounts if im constantly logging into his account aswel as my own so can anyone...
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    no website or web/builder admin panel

    hi i can not connect to my website or websitebuilder admin panel but when i ping my site or my server starka from windows they both come back ok ive fushed my dns and cleaned my cache and tried with different browsers but both have the same result
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    Contact Form

    does anyone know what this is i cant find any info on google ? it looks like i have had a e.mail sent to me by my contact form there was a e.mail address left for me to witch i wont be applying to so just wondered if anyone has any info on it Subject: asdasd From: "Contact Form / 123"...
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    browser problem

    sorry if this is in the wrong section i have a problem with google chrome when i log into my website editor to edit my site for some reason i cant change fonts or font size on my text i have no problem when using IE8 can anyone help with this ? thanks
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    domain name change

    hi if i was to change my domain from to say .com or .net would i have to change all the links to my sub-pages or would they change automaticaly ? also would i have to unpark my domain to make the name change then park it again thanks
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    widen my website

    hi I'm using one of the x10hosting templates and i was wondering if or how i can widen my template I'm not really sure how to explain this but i have a lot of wasted space down each side of my website that i can not use so i would like to widen the content area and maybe the news section a...
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    back up

    hi what files do i make a back up of on my computer ? is it everything in the public html file
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    starka blocking my IP

    hi starka server has blocked my IP again Ashley from your support team unblocked it for me but it seemed to only last 5-10 minutes then everything went down my website,website admin account and cpanel all time out again i have also pinged them and get timed out with 100% packet loss so i assume...
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    is starka firewall blocking my IP

    can someone confirm for me please if starka firewall has started blocking my IP address because the only way i can get to my cpanel,website builder or view my website is through another website that hides my IP address thank you
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    can not log into anything

    can not log into cpanel not even through hosting account can not log into website admin builder can not view my website all are saying server not responding how come my own site is the only site on the internet that i can not view ? most people will tell me they can view my site and i am...
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    need ip range

    sorry Ive looked through the forum but cant seem to find the ip address range for starka can someone point me in the right direction please
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    few problems

    i can not seem to log into cpanel i have to get to it through my hosting account and in my hosting account it says i dont have a parked domain but i do also i can not view any of my files in public html the page just sits there blank and on the odd time it did open it just kept saying loading...
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    i was thinking today 64bt 128mb 256mb 512mb 1gb 2gb now theres a trip down memory lane :biggrin:
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    my software section

    please can you view the software section on my site and the pictures/links before i take it any further I'm looking for advice on what to do because I'm not sure if all the pictures and links will eventually slow my site down maybe i could do away with the thumbs ? I'm not sure and would really...
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    problem with starka ??

    hi as the title says my website will not load nor will my website admin panel and i cant find any information about it ? my cpanel and hosting account both load ok so anyone got any information about this please ?
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    Please review my site so far

    Hi all I'm building my first website more so for family and friends and enjoying learning as i go so please take a look at what i have done thus far and give me your opinion and advice good or bad it will be taken on board this is all new to me so any advice is really appreciated thanks...