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    Sending email through Gmail on port 587

    Is this possible with free hosting? I am trying to use PHPmailer to send emails out and I am getting connection timed out.
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    Emails never getting delivered

    I am using PHPMailer and everything looks good, but the emails never get routed out. Has policy changed in the last year? I get an OK message back with an ID, but then nothing. I wonder if the email server is nixing my emails after accepting them.
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    absolut email errors again

    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:: host []: 451 4.3.0 Error: queue file write error This has been ongoing (off and on) for weeks now. I still don't have a grasp of what is going on. Can you explain the actual root cause for this and why it happens...
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    Cron job triggering Module Already Loaded errors

    My script is pretty bare bones and I don't see how I could be causing this to happen. Can someone explain this to me? The only info I can find on the web deals with the ini file. The script resides in my home directory and the following is from the error log file [25-Jun-2013 08:55:02...
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    SMTP Copies in Sent Mail?

    Are emails sent via SMTP on x10 servers stored anywhere, or do they die in a puff of smoke? When I look at the sent folder in my webmail, there are none.
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    Cron jobs not running

    Anyone else? Just curious. They seem to be swamped, so the help for free host tickets may be a while. I'm on Stoli.
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    SMTP Issues with PHPMailer

    Nothing has changed in my script, but over the last two weeks, sending out emails has become a problem. It worked last week and I have no idea why it corrected itself. Now it is not working again. It looks to me like maybe the port is getting routed back to Stoli? SMTP -> FROM...
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    Cron Job Help

    I am using "/usr/bin/php /home/evilelf/email.php >> /home/evilelf/public_html/cronlog.txt 2>&1" as a cron job, and nothing is happening. I set it up for every five minutes and have even tried to replace email.php with emailxxx.php to generate a cronlog.txt file, but that does not happen either...