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    still cant reach root

    it was the .htaccess, thank you
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    still cant reach root

    i still cannot reach the root of my website [] through a browser, it just keeps redirecting to 404. I opened a ticket on the 17th of september, but that was closed with no reply
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    404 error

    going to leads me to >> but going to leads me to my website why am I getting a false 404 error
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    I am a c++ programmer with the release quake 3 engine with the project OpenArena.
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    Error message [404] 404 Not Found for port 82 on Monday, 01-Aug

    The directory exists, I have no idea why I am getting a 404 error
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    domain name

    You are correct, it was not a problem with x10, had not finished updating my domain.
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    domain name

    I setup my domain with the name servers and and used the modify domain tool in the control panel, but I cannot reach my website