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    Chopin My Account Working!

    YaY, my HTTP, FTP, cPanel On Chopin Is Back Up.
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    Chopin down

    Chopin Server HTTPd, cPaneld and FTPd are all down
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    Hi, my website (s) on starka are behaving un-expectedly, ( and addon domain. you have to refresh the page a few times, it happened on my work computer and home on. There has also been mail issues (my x10hosting email redirects to gmail through...
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    cnames on starka

    im on starka server and i want to set cname to how can i do because there is no cname bit in the cpanel
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    Hi My Friend Told Me That His x10Hosting Account Had Been Upgraded For Free From 500MB to 1GB, does that apply to accounts created today? I have got this info from the cPanel. I made the account today BTW. - index.php being uploaded