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    1000 points to pick a name for my site

    ITECHNOT.COM is available on This is the shortest vailable name for your site bro. You may get it from godaddy at once for $9.99 Cheers! Edit: SANTITECH.COM is another one
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    The site has always been paying! If you want to increase your earnings, build a downline of referrals. The whole idea of this site is about having refs and clicking constantly, remember: if you dont click for 1 day - your ref's clicks will not be credited to you account for that particular day...
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    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    NeoBUX is the only honest PTC-site on the web. Try - and you won't regret.
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    Does anyone know how to earn online?

    I can only give a general advice: earn from Google ad-sense (you need a website with rather rich content and many pages if you want make serious money), or earn with Paid-to-Click sites (must be cautious - 99% are REAL scams). Good luck in earning!
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    What is your highest payout?

    My biggest payout so far was from NeoBUX: $7.02 Check below in sig my total earnings from NeoBUX:
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    Note: if you withdraw money to PayPal you MUST be a veryfied pp-user unless you won't be paid. No problems at all if you withdraw to AlertPay though. NeoBUX is the best PTC program ever - sites as or or any others are not to be compared to this great PTC. Simply try and you'll...