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  1. J down

    Hey all..Website doesn't seem to be showing up..Looked in the status forum and Corey said to make a thread if its not showing anything? website url is Cpanle username is ESF Thanks, let me know if you need any more info.
  2. J

    Internal Server Error

    Been working on my website for some time now, before i buy a domain i'm just trying to get everything ready how i like it, and minimize all the errors. I'm using WordPress, and when i would go to change my password cause i forgot it :laugh:, it sent it to me and i went to go change it. I type...
  3. J

    New here

    Well i'm new here..Heard this place has great hosting, looking forward to get a good site up and running once i can get enough money to afford a domain name hah! tight college budgjet! I love cars..Infact i just made a thread in off topic of some of my work!
  4. J

    I take pictures. Here some of my work :)

    Most of them are automotive related..Hence my Username. Love car photog. Miss doing it, since i don't have my car here in Arizona..and still trying to find the car scene... i have more pics of friends cars, then of my own..So here are a few My Brothers BMW 135i Stock as of right now..He...