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    Check this tourism site

    Hey buddies!:biggrin: I have included in this post the link of my tourism site may you please review it for me. This site includes information about a place called pangasinan in the philippines. The website also display pictures, of almost all the natural attractions of the place. I have...
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    What is your favorite travel or vacation place on earth?

    As of today, beautiful huge shopping malls and entertainment places where everywhere. Everything that man needs where everywhere, but still natures beauty is the best. Beautiful beaches, caves, mountains are everywhere. For you, what is your top 5 best places (natural attractions) in the world...
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    You can advertise to my site

    Hi, :happysad: A new web developer here looking for sponsors. I have included in this post the links of the websites i have made. You can post your advertisement just give me the code and I would be proud to include it to the pages of my websites.
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    Can you please include my website link to your website the link is <a href=""> Pangasinan toursite </a> <a href=""> QMA School Site </a> I am willing for a link back
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    Please help me

    Hello people, may you please review my sites, and may you please help me endorse it so that it will be indexed and ranked in google. And can you please give me tips and suggestions to make it better. Thanks a lot here are the links:
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    Web Developer/Designer OJT

    Hi! is there anyone here who know a compnay who accepts ojt in Web designer/developer here in NCR particularly in Makati, Ortigas
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    Hello guys can you please help me?

    hello guys, can you please help me in my final term project? my professor said that our my site must be indexed in google in order for me to pass. can you please help me endorse my site and also can you give me some tips. and lastly i cant make it as SEO friendly because when i do it, my...
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    How to unsuspend your account

    X10hosting already give instructions on how to unuspend an account, but to repeat it x10hosting said that to unsuspend an account, member or account owner should log-in their account AT LEAST once a week, then oftenly logging-in is better, and also posting or joining the community forum is...