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    Some PHP Help

    I'm designing a website and I really need some help with php. I have a login script however I can't make it log out like I want it to. I also want to be able to have a type of admin page, which would require a user to log in to see, where there would be a form that would ask for a title and...
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    Unsuspension Request for Jober68

    cPanel Username: Jober68 Domain/Subdomain: How long your account has been up: A few months Suspension Reason: Unknown ----------------------------------------------------- Other Details:: It says i'm not suspended but I can't go to my website without...
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    CSS Guide

    This is not a completed guide and I will add more with each passing day until I finish it. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used to add decoration, color, positioning, and other great things to your website. In other words it is used for making layouts. CSS is often combined with...
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    BB Code Guide

    For those of you who don't know BB Code is what almost all forums use for posting. Just a little guide I worked up many sites include something similar. Here are some BB codes you can use on this forum. Bold Text CODE This is sample text This is sample text ---------- Italic Text CODE...
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    Basics of HTML

    <a href="">Appearas</a> This code is used to create a link to a url address. <abbr title="et cetera">etc.</abbr> This code is used for abbreviations and when you hold your mouse over the abbreviation it will appear as the title you have inserted; in this case you...
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    Error has occured

    When I log into my CPanel I get this message When I go to my website page I get this My account name is Jober68 as well if that helps any of the admins out