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  1. vernon

    [starka] The MySQL® server is currently offline. ?

    Hi, The MySQL® server is currently offline. on Straka too could someone please fix this plague/epidemic, Thank You ! :) Regards, Vernon
  2. vernon


    Hi all, X10Hosting is the best, thts all i wanted to say ! Thanks ! Regards, Vernon
  3. vernon

    Fallout 3

    Any Fans of the game ? Tell me what you like about it ? And how much you saw it for and where ? I like the graphics and the game's karma features... unique ! I saw it for AU$99 - $119 In Stores, and for AU$69 on eBay ! Enjoy ! Vernon
  4. vernon


    Hi all, Just wanted to say "This Site Is The Absolute Best !" :biggrin: NO JOKE !!! AWESOME GRAPHICS and well... my first visit to the main page itself blew me away:cool:, very nicely done guys KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! its like people like you who make life easy !:happysad: I surely will donate...