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  1. kjl00

    sites skin

    my vb has a skin that looks alot like the forums but I'd like to confirm here: It is NOT a phishing site, Idk if this is the right place but I wanted to clear that up so my site isn't deleted. Thanks
  2. kjl00

    vBulletin admin cp blank

    Ok I transformed my IP board to a vbulletin and I access admincp and I receive a blank page as if I still had basic PHP.
  3. kjl00

    Apache down very annoying

    Ok, wtf? why does the server keep going down? if this keeps up I will have to switch because I'm serious about making a website and I can't do it with all this downtime...:mad::mad::mad: As a user of this server, I demand to why why the server is down so...
  4. kjl00

    corporate ad code

    I've put my ads on my site and they work BUT on my blog AND my forum they dnt always show everytime. did i insert them wrong or is it part of the code?
  5. kjl00

    [Offer][90 credits/article] Looking for blog writers

    I'm paying 90 credits per article to writers on my blog requirements: MUST be well versed in english MUST be 14+ Be well versed in high level world of warcraft Be mature enough to take criticism. Must post one article a week and the article MUST be at least 20 lines long with...
  6. kjl00

    fantasisco un available

    my PHP problem is fixed and IP board is installed. Now. I want to uninstall the SmF instalation in the root and replace it with wordpress, the problem is fantasisco isn't working..
  7. kjl00

    [Offer][100 credits] selling footer banner on site The image banner will only appear on the forums the wordpress pages are unavailable right now. dimensions 100X500 must be centered
  8. kjl00

    PHP version

    I upgraded to intermediate and I uploaded IP board 2.3.5 to the server. I go to the install file and its blank. I thought the upgrade fixed this.
  9. kjl00

    PHP upgrade system

    How long does it usually take for them to be reveiwed? it says 24 hrs but how long would it take an online administrator to be notified of the request?
  10. kjl00

    how to place ads on b2evolution?

    I installed my website now I need to place the required ads. I'm corporate so I need the banner thing. I have the ad code but I want to know how to ad it to a php script.
  11. kjl00

    main Domain?

    I changed my main domain to in the http://www.x10hosting/account panel and my cPanel works and everything but it still shows my main domain being All my email accounts are instead of my domain same with subdomains...
  12. kjl00

    account not created

    My account creation queque expired over an hour ago and my account still isn't created Can I get it manually created?
  13. kjl00

    Registration Queque

    Is there anyway to speed it up? I'm 14 and my dad is making my bed time 10:00PM and I have like an hour left. I want to spend it building my site instead of waiting for over 4 hours and sneaking.
  14. kjl00

    Kudos kudos!

    This is the best free cPanel hosting I've seen EVA! keep it up!! I haven't really started my site yet coz my registrar is being retarded but this is the best cPanel host thats free, because you enable all features that are nessesarry unlike other hosts y'all rule!