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  1. tautos

    account renewal

    I need to know when my static hosting is up for renewal, also cant log in to my account
  2. tautos


    Dont know if correct place to ask this but here goes. I have html sites at the minute have done some cms sites, but dont know best way to make them show and keep search engine traffic as is now, have read loads of posts in mambo/joomla forums but all contradict one another, can I just redirect...
  3. tautos

    parked domain problem

    I have changed my main domain to in control panel,then added my to parked domains,kitcarland works fine but i get domain avaiable with,can anyone explain where i have gone wrong,thanks in advance
  4. tautos


    I have purchased a domain from Weycrest Solutions Limited will I be able to use this along with my straight away or is there more to do , there is a plesk log in with it but i cant understand it really and dont want to mess anything up,Thanks
  5. tautos

    php upgrade

    I requested for my php to be set to intermediate which i have been granted have email to state so, been in control panel and it does say im on level 2 but i installed forum via fantastico still doesnt work,any help would be appreciated,Sorry forgot to put address in...
  6. tautos


    Well i dont know wether this is correct place for this but i wish to purchase a domain as my other host wont let me use the one i have as i didnt stay with them for 24mnts,so i wondered if i can purchase 1 from you and go onto a paid plan but keep the site i have now as a addon,would i still...
  7. tautos

    home page

    Hi There I have got a website running but i have to have indexhtml and a home page which are exactly the same ,otherwise the links in site will not work to the homepage,so have to edit both pages to edit the homepage,am i doing this right?.Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. tautos

    linking pages

    I asked yesterday about linking pages in my site corey told me how to do it which i have done and is working fine apart from 1 thing if i click on home page from any other page i get webpage cant be diplayed,rest of pages go between one another fine,thanks in advance for any help
  9. tautos

    link pages

    I am having bother getting links to work between pages,i am using filezilla to load files but must be missing something out,links work in dreamweaver,any help would be appreciated.
  10. tautos


    Am i ok to use a free counter on my site,or do you have any to use,thanks
  11. tautos

    new to site

    I have just signed up for account about four hours ago,i cant log in to cpanel so i wonder if i have linked to forum as it did not seem to do as was explained in forum thread,i can go to holding page at site,i notice there it says can delete index file.then do i load...