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  1. Synkc

    How did you find x10Hositng?

    Just wondering, how did everyone find out about x10Hosting? I came across this site around mid last year, thanks to good ol' Google, during my usual hunt for good free web hosts; every other host I already tried had failed me miserably. Now, considering I'm still here after nearly a year since...
  2. Synkc

    [PHP] BBCode

    This is a simple PHP function to convert BBCODE style text into valid HTML. Useful for news management scripts/cms's/forums etc. Simple call the bbCode() function when displaying the text to the end user. function bbCode($text){ $text = str_ireplace( "<BR>", "<br />", $text...
  3. Synkc

    MySQL SELECT Question

    I've been working on a News Management script for my website, which stores data in a MySQL database. Everything seems to be working perfectly, except for this small problem. I'm trying to use the following syntax to retrive the first three rows from the database table "site_news" which have a...
  4. Synkc

    Microsoft to buy Yahoo

    Anyone heard the news? Microsoft has just made an offer to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion! If this offer goes ahead, which it seems it might, it should be interesting to see what direction Yahoo will head in. Read the article here
  5. Synkc

    Ad Sites that pay via PayPal?

    Does anyone know any good advertising sites that pay via PayPal?
  6. Synkc

    [PHP] Prompt IE Users + Make Money

    This is a quick an easy script which will show an “Incompatible Browser Detected” message to any end-user while they are using Internet Explorer. They will then have the option of downloading Firefox, or to continue browsing your site with Internet Explorer. You can also make money out of this...
  7. Synkc - 300 Credits!

    UPDATED: 300 CREDITS PER SIGN-UP!!!! Please read EVERYTHING before attempting to complete this offer! So, we probably have all heard about, and it's domain promo. I recently had a offer posted for 200 credits per sign up, and since it appeared to me that I had made enough...
  8. Synkc

    Custom Error Documents

    I'm under the impression, after reading a thread in the free hosting section, that 'Custom Error Documents' are only allowed for those who have purchased a paid hosting plan. I'm not sure whether you are aware of this or not, but it is still possible for anyone to use their own error documents...
  9. Synkc

    Register for 200 credits!

    Sign up at: for 200 credits. Post the email you used to sign up with and I'll send you the credits. This is going towards my new domain name, so thanks to anyone who can help :)
  10. Synkc

    Water Desktop

    I was bored and had photoshop open, so I made a desktop :P Any suggestions? Resolution: 1024 x 768
  11. Synkc

    Magical Vending Machine

    This is how it works: someone says: inserts $10 someone replys: receives a broken nose inserts $0.10 Ok I'll start, inserts $1.00
  12. Synkc

    New Sig

    Well, please rate and give suggestions; I'm going to fix up the border/transparency later. Image is in my signature.
  13. Synkc

    Finished school YAY!!!

    Today was my last day of year 12, forever :biggrin: I've done all my exams and assignments, and finally It's all over :biggrin: Didn't really do much today; everyone was too tired/excited/crazy to do anything lol. So, anyone here from Australia going to schoolies?
  14. Synkc

    Signiture of the Week

    I had this idea, maybe we could start a 'signature of the week' competition at x10. If anyone dose not know what a 'sig of the week' comp is, it's basically a competition for people to create and challenge each other, with graphical signatures. These signatures will usually need to follow set...
  15. Synkc

    Synkc's Showcase

    Since I don't usually keep my old graphics work, I've only got here some stuff I've found on my photobucket account. Please rate and give suggestions :) My entry for the x10 logo comp: ^ Not made for a white background 7 ^ GUI for a game I'm working on More to come ;)
  16. Synkc

    [PHP - TUT] Site Online/Offline Status

    Intro: This is a simple script I wrote a while ago; it allows you to simple turn your entire site offline, or just specific pages. It also permits you to have access, while displaying a "Site is currently offline" message at the top of each page. Note: This code requires that you use a...
  17. Synkc


    Well I think it might be best if I told you why I won't be here for a while, than to just disappear without a reason :P. I only have about another hour on the net, until we leave for our new house; atm, we are still waiting for our ISP to send us our new modern, which may take anywhere from 1 to...
  18. Synkc

    Internal Server Error

    This problem started after I configured cPanel to prevent hot linking... I disabled the setting again, yet the error still appears; it's been like this for the past few hours. :dunno: I have access to the cPanel, but not my site. My URL is: The error: Any help...
  19. Synkc

    One last request

    Hi, I hope I not being a pain, but I have one last support request. Previously, I have been using Invision Power Board, and I've been having many, many issues with php 5 and sql, so I decided that I wouldn't waste any more of the staffs' time by trying to solve all the issues. IPB is out...
  20. Synkc

    Some trouble

    Hi, My problem is that when ever I go to view a user profile, on my IPB 1.3.1 forums, the page only displays the php error: For example: I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out :happysad: