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  1. warlordste

    How Much Mobile Data do you Use a Month?

    prob about a gig i use it for my phone and playbook and with accessing and fixing sites on the go it soon adds up
  2. warlordste

    shopping cart customer can customise products

    am looking for a free or affordable shopping cart where the customer can customise there product with there logo or size or even change the text on a product is there any shopping cart that could offer this?
  3. warlordste

    Service taking too much resources

    I would back up your files and do a clean install you will sort out your promblem plus more than likely speed up your computer for a while :)
  4. warlordste

    How much would you charge for webdesign (not professional)?

    well i charge £10 for design then £3 per page is any other coding is needed but its not just web design most people want you to do SEO as well but i would normally charge £30 for whole website SEO and installing it onto server and setting up mail etc. have you tryed one of these pay per hour...
  5. warlordste

    How to automatically send a reply mail using PHP?

    the only way i can think of is by using a cron jobs but i don't think your allowed to use them on x10 hosting could you not use a auto reply?
  6. warlordste

    New antibot measure, need reviews.

    As someone else posted it relies on what the image means to you also another thing is spellings one of them was a pic of a ship now i would call it a photo but it might of been photograph personally without having writing at the bottom like whats in the middle of the picture or what color is the...
  7. warlordste

    help me

    well that says to be that the content broke copy right dude but I couldn't be 100% never seen it before
  8. warlordste

    Help Choosing CMS

    Joomla is better if you got some time to get used to it because it can be quite complicated but its a good starting point or if you have good programming skills try make your own CMS there will be afew tuts to get you going but it all depends on what you need i think joomla has gaming ladders as...
  9. warlordste

    Javascript on change event

    Hi guys this is what i have so far in my code and its this i want to hide inless the box is selected <p>How would you like to receive the product?: <select name="delivered"> <option value="sorted">Delivery</option> <option value="no">Collect</option> </select> </p> <p>...
  10. warlordste

    Javascript on change event

    Hi guys how you all doing i was wondering if anyone could give me abit of help I have a form for a quote system where the person can request for the item to be delivered or picked up which i have set in a list box with yes and no as the values i was wondering how can i get it so if it changes to...
  11. warlordste

    God of war III dated!

    wish they make it for the xbox :( my PS3 died and never got a new one lol
  12. warlordste

    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    i play all games but sports thing i am going to go with dj0wns and get AVP was playing the demo and it looks great lol
  13. warlordste

    Runescape-Good or Boring?

    boring you can find better ones by puttigin google rubbish mmorpg and they still beat runescape hands down
  14. warlordste

    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    hey i want a new game for the xbox i got the cash just can't decide on the game can you help me choose what game would you get and why???:dunno:
  15. warlordste

    Password Protect a page

    good tut
  16. warlordste

    Happy birthday AdamParkzer!

    happy birthday bud
  17. warlordste

    review my site

    hi i created this site for my girlfriends father and i would like to know how i could make it better??? the site is
  18. warlordste

    is this possible

    hey guys i was wondering is there a way i can get a certain bit of infomation from a website like a name or price that i can upload onto may website without hunting for it my self all the time these change over time as well the name and the price varys all the time at the moment i am doing it...
  19. warlordste

    link counter

    I was wondering if theres a script or somthing that will keep track on how many times a link has been clicked i need this for many links and have no idea where to start looking any help would be great thanks :D
  20. warlordste

    30 credits writing reviews and previews

    hey i was wondering if they was intressted in writing reviews and previews for games and films for my site you can even write walkthoughs all the credit goes to you writing it but it has to be your own work don't go copy reviews out there if you put who you want you name to go on the review just...