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    YPN Invite/Account wanted

    Looking for a valid YPN Invite/Account will pay $500, please contact chinchillaz at Thanks.
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    Help me get this hotlinker

    Alright there's this website that's sucking up my bandwidth, what's the .htaccess code that will redirect this image to another image on my site? I only want to block this site from hotlinking. The other sites are fine. What would the .htaccess look like? btw the image they're hotlinking is...
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    extend image's width

    10 points, common make the width of this image 250, but don't change the position or quality of image. Super simple job. 10 points.
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    Banner Contest! Yay

    the site is Points: All of my points (400) I'm looking for a banner, which will be placed at the top and shown to myspace users "Free Unique Layouts" with your own unique slogan :) EDIT: Ends Saturday.
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    Need Button Made ASAP!

    I need a button made. Same size and position as: Note the empty transparent space above it. Except make it more appealing with brighter colors, and have it say "Unique" then 1 second later "MySpace Layouts" and emphasize the "Unique", so it's an animated gif with 2 frames. 100 pts
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    redirect images

    I'm running low on bandwidth and im getting an unmetered server, I'm going to put all the images on it, but currently a lot of people are hotlinking my files (which I want), but is there a way to redirect all images, for instance to
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    Your opinion

    I know many of you guys own myspace profiles, which button do you find visually appealing and click incentive? Also which button do you find more annoying, and would remove? Do you keep buttons that look attractive, or buttons that are hardly noticable? Images go on top left corner...
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    Duplicate button

    Duplicate this button the best you can for instead of 70 points Thanks!
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    add text to this gif animation

    This sounds like an easy job but I dont know how to do it :(. Just add the text "Play This Game" to the animation. Centered, near the bottom. 50 points.
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    20 points to make it transparent make the white background transparent in the animation. thanks!
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    500pts for Glowing Neon Text!

    Format: .gif Type: Animation Size: 120x120 Job Type: Photoshop Points: 500 This should be an easy job for someone with the right skills. I would like someone to create a neon text animation in gif format. It should look like those neon signs you see at bars, "glowing". by that I mean...
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    Urgent 500pts logo for humor site

    width: 56 length: 190 I need a sick/cool looking logo with the text "" immediately, 500 points to the winner! I'd prefer it if has that orange theme like on the site. Note: This logo is for watermarking purposes. Thanks!
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    [req] YPN Invite $50 + 250 pts

    Hey, I'm looking for a YPN invite or account, I will paypal this person $50 and send 250 points. Please PM me if you have one or have an offer. Do not reply to this thread please. Thanks.
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    15 points for rotate image script

    Hi I'll give 15 points to the person who can find me a FAST rotating image script like I would like it to be as fast and simple as possible.
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    PHP Help (loop) 10 Points

    Alright, I have this php script that helps me copy files to my server and I need help modding it so I can input a number of times to grab the file from another server (ex 15 times). If this can't be done, just make an infinite loop. This is to make many copies of the same file on the server. I...
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    [req] Urgent Flash File Needed!

    Hi, I have a problem with leechers and I need a flash file that automatically redirects to when loaded. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything, this is why I'm offering 20 points. If you want more points just let me know the price. Thanks.
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    Need Button!

    Need Button! 10 points! Hi, I need a button for, that says "Game Rebels". I like things simple, and catchy. I will offer 5 points. Specs: 88x31 .jpg and .bmp Here's the perfect example: Thanks! edit: looking for...
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    Flash File Needed!

    I need someone with flash experience to make a flash file with the text "Play Free Games at Arcade Spot" (maybe with an image). I would like it to have an orange theme, and when a visitor clicks the text they will be redirected to Also, if its possible, I would like another...
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    Need a Good Slogan!

    5 points for the best slogan for! (If I use it!) Thanks!
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    Write an article for 80 points!

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to write a gaming related article, 350-500 words in length. I will reward who ever writes this with 80 points. It can be on a topic of your choice, please keep it interesting. Thanks!