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    can't unsuspend..

    I can't unsuspend my account after getting an suspension for not signing in for 2 weeks
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    A while ago I was automatically banned for not posting on forum in 2 weeks and it says if i post now i should be automatically unbanned..and I've made quite a few posts since I got banned but my site is still suspended..
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    Yet another new design for my site

    Hi I've updated my website once again please check it out at
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    Review my Genera /blog/site please tell me what you think of it
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    "You have been suspended for inactivity. It is a requirement that you login to the x10hosting forums once every two weeks to keep your account active; posting is never required. This is an automatic suspension, you're able to unsuspend yourself immediately" alright so i just signed in..when is...
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    Thank You!

    I just wanna say thank you x10hosting!! you're the best host i've ever had :D I absolutely love the service you provide. x10 is the best:lockd:
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    Check out my site
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    quick question domain

    I have a domain but I chose to use when I signed up and I can't find the DNS server address anywhere.. How can I change my domain to a one??