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    Did I upload to right place?

    I am wondering if I have uploaded my files to the right place. I am trying to install PHPBB3 and when I go into the place it tells me to put into the address bar ( it gives me a 404 error saying the page doesnt exist. I uploaded the entire phpbb3...
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    PhotoShop CS3 Extended for Graphics Dreamweaver for HTML and stuff (still dont know how to use it but im learning) FireFTP for FTP stuff (FireFox add-on)
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    Who uses what program

    I use Photoshop CS3 Extended and before that Gimp. I always thought that Gimp was easier to use but after learning and using photoshop for so long Gimp confuses me.
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    phpBB3 Help

    Ok thanks, I'll give that a try :)
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    phpBB3 Help

    I am having trouble installing phpBB3 onto my site. I have gone through many different threads and have not been able to install it. I have uploaded the files to /public_html/phpBB3 and i have deleted the index.html file. When I go to /phpBB3/install/install.php all I get is a blank page. does...