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    Help with "INTO OUTFILE"

    Alright, thanks. Here is the code as it looks now: /* ** Write tables to CSV file */ $backup_query = "SELECT * FROM stock INTO OUTFILE '/public_html/restricted/merchants/backup/stock_$today.csv' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' ENCLOSED BY '\"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'"; $backup =...
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    Help with "INTO OUTFILE"

    Doing this on the MySQL server on x10hosting (free). My MYSQL database server is "localhost", which is why I assumed this would work.
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    Help with "INTO OUTFILE"

    I'm trying write a code snippet that saves a specific table in my database as a CSV file. The purpose of this is to automatically back up that specific table just before changes are made do it (that I can access through the File Manager and use to restore if needed). Some googling led me to...
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    PhpMyAdmin frequently extremely slow or unavailable

    I've been having problems maintaining my DB through phpMyAdmin for quite some time. The problem comes and goes, but roughly about half of the phpMyAdmin pages I attempt to load (such as results of a test query) ends up timing out or taking extremely long time to load (up to several minutes)...
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    FTP and cPanel sluggish or unavailable

    Hello! First of all I'd like to thank you a ton for the generous free hosting. The bandwidth, space, tools and flexibility of it all is awesome and I'm really happy I moved to x10. :) However as of the last few days I've been experiencing difficulties in accessing my site both via FTP and...
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    What's the best deal you've found?

    Best deal I can remember right now must have been when I got the original Half-Life off steam for 99 cent, on a weekend sale. Less than a dollar for such a legendary game. :nuts:
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    BF2 1.5patch

    Very nice, I'll grab this when I have time. A round of BF2 every once in a while is always exciting ^^
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    what is your favourite online game?

    Wurm Online - a hard but very immersive Massive Multiplayer Online Fantasy Simulation. ... But I'm a fan of the Half-Life series too :)