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    Auto Crawl Websites in SQL Database

    Hi, I'm creating a very basic Search Engine, but i would like they crawl automatically Websites in my SQL Database (obviously with some rules, in this case only top-sites), how i can make this happening? (If you would i can share the access of the Database with you for help) Thanks for help! ;)
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    Review my Random Videogames Quotes Website

    Website: NOTE: Refresh the Page for more Quotes! ;) EDIT: Now you can use the Button: "Another Quote pls!" for new Quotes.
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    I cannot Sign In

    When I enter my data doesn't make me go to the Web Hosting Panel...
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    Idea: x10Hosting Rewards Program

    How it works: One puts a x10Hosting banner ad on your site/blog and for every click you get more storage space and more. Will be possible in future?
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    Password reset error.

    PS: By mistake in the title i wrote "password" but i was referring to the email address. I was changing email address but gave me an error: