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    Challenge: What is common between the following...

    What is common between the following sets of numbers (No its not a product key for any software, eventhough it looks like one, I just made this program that would give the random numbers, but what do they have in common?) 7386-3170-2773-3508-0461-8014-42 4570-5177-0781-4030-5762-7232-43...
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    What is your favorite Songs/Artists?

    What is your favorite Songs/Artists? I'm trying to get an idea of what other people listen to :) Thanks 3dhomejoe
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    Post your desktop (screen shots) here

    Lets see what everyone's desktop looks like, if you want to :) Attach a copy of your image and give a short description of it. Running a dual monitor setup on my system, task bar is on the 2ed screen on the top and with auto hide on so its out of the way, Windows 7 home prem. 64 bit, in my...
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    3:10 to yuma character descriptions?

    Can someone provide me with some descriptions of the following characters in 3:10 to yuma? I don't have any way of getting a hold of the movie to do that myself. Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) William Evans (Logan Lerman) Charlie Prince (Ben Foster) Emma Nelson (Vinnesa Shaw) Marshall Weathers...
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    Add on to the story

    Rules: Just add on to the story from what others have left off at Must follow forum rules :) In just one year, I have
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    Help my friend please :)

    My friend entered her drawing into a contest and would like to be in the top 5 (she is in the 6th place) and needs votes, I would like her to win something. Her drawing is located at the link below, just take notice that you will need to register on there first to be able to vote...
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    Blue Screen of Death

    A few years ago at school I decided to make this blue screen of death program, all it does is when the server says so, it displays an image to the user of a blue screen of death that appears on top of everything with no-way to close it until it gets the command from the server to hide the...
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    These people were board....

    So what can you do in a high school, cad/cam (autocad) computer lab with a failing grade (most likely) and time on your hands? Take funny images of yourself (on a public system) and not know that they are saved to the system for all users to view. Then have a person like me a computer geek to...
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    [PHP + MYSQL] remove rows from database

    Hello, im trying to build a script that gets the date of an old row and select an ID number from it and then it would remove any rows the = that ID number, here is my code so far it selects all of the id numbers but I can't get it to clear them, what is wrong? I have posted this on other...
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    I hate it when people complain...

    I hate it when people complain about something they choose to do/not do/etc. What about you guys? Don't you hate that?
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    Free Credits

    Im leaving x10 and so im giving away all of my credits how to get them is send me a pm with this Title: Credits Body: I want your credits The first one that sends me a pm will get all of them!!! Thanks 3dhomejoe
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    Stoli.x10 mysql still down

    ok its been 1 month and the mysql servers are still down! what is going on???? i changed my scripts to the new sql server and they still dont work, the account management says it is offline, will it ever be online? Thanks 3dhomejoe
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    Team Speak Server Hosting

    Hello, Im going to open up team speak server hosting to limited ppl only. THIS IS FREE! What i need is Your Name (first is ok) E-mail Username Password Channel Name Max PPL And why you want one you can give me this info on xfire (3dhomejoe) a PM, or by this link...
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    Tell me what you think

    Tell me what you think of my website :D YES its on x10hosting
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    Suspension can you pay?

    Can you pay to make a suspension end sooner?
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    If you have not heard of x10gaming its been up for some weeks now and its about games, its
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    The server Stoli.x10 is offline

    At 8:30 AM PST the server Stoli.x10 is offline, what has caused this to happen? Server Name Stoli.x10 IP Address74.86.116.188 Server Uptime49 days, 4:43 Server Load0.05...
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    Hosting, can i do this?

    Im making a website for my school, and i need forums, can i install the scripts on my website and have it redirect to my site? Can i do this or do i have to make an account for the school? Thanks 3dhomejoe