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    Changing cPanel PassWord Constantly

    Well, I've been getting rather frustrated at this. Every time I login to my cPanel, the password I use every time doesn't work. So, I have to go into the account panel and change it. THEN, I will be able to log into cPanel. An hour later, I try to login to cPanel. It doesn't work. So, I have to...
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    Something curious in vBCommerce

    So, I created this shop that I decided I would update every once in a while. Anyways, as I was browsing through other shops about a month later, I see shops that use the same icon (that I had created in about 10 seconds in PhotoShop) as the shop that I made, called "Red Ivy's GFX Shop", or...
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    phpBB3.0- No problems, it's just... (Wait, move this topic)

    Well, this isn't that big of a deal. It is just- the thing is, I don't like having "Translated by (Blah) from (A french website)" on my board. It just... Meh. This isn't too much of a big deal, but, I would like to remove it, and wondering if that was able/allowed. :hsughr: The real question...
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    I know you guys always make the same exact responses to these introductions (Hi, How are you, welcome to the forums, etc.) but I just wanted to say "Hi" anyways. Hi. :biggrin: