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    Website not up but cPanel is?

    I'm using Google Chrome so I get this error (Instead of a blank page or whatever) cPanel: alz454 I swapped the domain name to this one a few days ago and it seems like it hasn't worked. I can access the cPanel through though. I can access FTP too...
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    How long does a Domain name change take?

    Question is the title. How long does a domain name change take? It was and I changed it to So I was just wondering how long it took. Because I can't access any of them.
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    PHP Error...

    I recently requested my account to be deleted so I could use a different hosting package, I recreated it, also chose another name, requested the PHP to be upgraded. It's supposedly upgraded. And it's done exactly the same as my old website. Thanks, - Alz
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    I have some spots for links on my website, if anyone is interested, reply here or give me a PM. Note: I can always make more sections and links.
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    Mail() Function Problem

    A few days ago I requested the intermediate version of PHP, and I've got it, but PhpBB3 still says it's disabled.. [/LIST] I've got the email saying it's been updated, but phpBB3 gives this error: [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/functions_messenger.php on line 410: mail() has been...
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    What do you think?

    What do you guys think of my site. Note: The blog isn't finished yet, I'm doing that soon ;) Also, I'm working on a new template for the forum.
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    Hey all

    Hey everyone, Looks like a nice site you've got here ;)