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    RobotRage Site Review

    So basicly RobotRage is a online MMO game wich is easily embedable, however it has many issues for example no chat in the lobby and no chat in-game, some people have versions with only in-game chat installed but it only works properly when the person you are facing is using a site that has...
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    Igonore this topic

    So basicly according to a reply to my ticket it was suggested i try doing something on the forums to make sure that it wont pick me up as inactive by mistake so im making this post. Sorry if you consider this as spam but its more like a solution for me. Couldnt think of anything else.
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    Quick issue lotus

    My problem is that i am getting issues like this on the game i am develping using 3rd party software however this time its not the software i believe. It seems to have happened without me really tampering with anything and it didnt happen before. Im not being hacked or anything cause i haven't...