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    Address for public_html

    Hi, I am using CoreFTP to access my site. My laptop died and now I am setting up CoreFTP again. When I log into it, it takes me to and I have no way to get to the public_html subdirectory where all my files are. I used to be able to log directly into that subdirectory. Any...
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    Is x10 down?

    Hi, I cannot access my website I have religiously logged into the account portal a few times a month so that's not it. Is something going on with x10? Thank you.
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    Reports for web traffic?

    Hi, is there a way to see or create reports that show how many users clicked on my website and its pages per month? I did not see anything in cPanel, but I may have missed it.
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    Droid Razr or iPhone 4S?

    I will be getting a new phone this month. Siri intrigues me, but the Razr is faster. Still can't decide between these two. Any opinions?
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    Do I have the correct url?

    Hi I uploaded a test file via FTP successfully to my public_html directory, but am not seeing it out there. Is my URL simply ? Thank you, Arnie Pollinger