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    Suspended for high system resource usage

    My website also down fom nearly 3 hours
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    Recovery of Data

    I hope alex has solved your problem
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    Recovery of Data

    Check what alex is saying, Your database. Did you delete it too.
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    Any link exchange

    Any one wants a link exchange. I can exchange link with any site. Link is in my signature. Fresh stats..... 349 page impressions, 60 unique visitors, 110 visitors since 1st june. These stats are only for june ie 2 days. The website is online since dec 2009.btw ur link will be displayed on every...
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    Error establishing a database connection

    Yea, my website also having dis
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    What do you use?

    What priyaa says is right
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    I have ads on my site of bidvertiser
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    new web dev

    Welcome to x10.
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    Hello, new here

    Welcome to our x10 world which is filled with fun and frolics. I hope you will enjoy every moment here.
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    How is my new forum?

    Your forum is nice mate, keep up the good job. I would surely promote it.
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    Check your website Value

    My website value is above $750, daily pageview 186 , daily page impressions : somewhat 1600 +, daily ad revenue $1.06. yuppi
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    I am totally new here and need help

    Welcome to x10, i hope you will enjoy x10 and its services. Btw some experience member will come and tell you all the basics.
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    Hi all

    Hi and welcome to x10hosting- simply the best
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    Hello from England!

    Welcome to x10, my friend
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    Hello Everyone, New Guy here (would like ti suggest something)

    Welcome my friend, hoping to see u around in other categories specially link exchange.
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    500 clicks to your site for link in signature

    Donation done, now please do ur part.
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    500 clicks to your site for link in signature

    I think so its on..... let me tell u he really gave me 500 unique although i didnt had 200+ posts. He is a very loyal member of x10.
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    Hi Everyone

    Good to see you introducing yourself to other members. I hope you are not to busy now , why now have a look around the forum and post.
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    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    Welcome , hoping to see you around posting in forums and not just logging in as most do.
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    suspended for spamming

    Yea i can see that , you joined on nov 2007 and till today you have only got mere 27 posts. Wait for a staff member to reply or open a support ticket and btw i think u can unsuspend yourself by logging in x10 homepage.