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    Any link exchange

    Any one wants a link exchange. I can exchange link with any site. Link is in my signature. Fresh stats..... 349 page impressions, 60 unique visitors, 110 visitors since 1st june. These stats are only for june ie 2 days. The website is online since dec 2009.btw ur link will be displayed on every...
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    Mysql database count

    The problem is i have only 1 mysql database of a cms website. But in cp its showing 3 of 3. What is the problem staff members. Please look into this. My cpanel username is naved123
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    Apache mod_security

    Does x10 support or have this .
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    Low traffic website - link exchange

    The website is a religious website with low traffic as it is not that much old. I would like to exchange links with website with any content except porn or warez. Your website link will be displayed on every page of the website on right side under link exchange. If anyone interested than tell me...
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    Is mysql down

    Just wanting to know. Is mysql facing some issues right now as my website is giving me mysql errors.
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    X10 : now compromising

    What is happening to x10. My website is down now and then. Mysql giving errors after a day or so. Is COREY AWARE OF ALL THIS.
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    What happened

    Is my account suspended or what. My website is not up.
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    guestbook pass help

    i created a php guestbook with softuculous or something like that only. now i have forgotten the admin password of that guestbook how to get it back
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    what is this

    this comes sometimes when i log in at the top of the page: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_861d5892fc27115bfadb59316e4428ea, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in [path]/index.php on line 504 Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send...
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    can i put google ads

    i have a free hosting acc. which is ad free...........i want to ask can i put google ads or any other on my website.
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    Hi to all.

    Hello everyone i am naved from india. Most likely the forum will be busy from now on as i spend most of time on internet and specifically forums. I wantd to why my site shows index / and some options like cgi bin,images and post info. on a white background. I have creatd a html page and copied...