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    my cpanel theme won't switch back to my normal one

    I switched to the basic theme just to see what it would do and it won't switch back.
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    symlinks in .htaccess not working, getting forbidden error message(illuminated)

    I'm trying to install oxwall, apparently the follow symlinks isn't working, i'm getting a forbidden, you have no permission to access this server error message before the installation is even finished. Also, I have illuminated hosting and I don't know where to get illuminated support.
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    all 4 of my sites 500 internal server error

    when i go to the error log, it says that my files are not there, but when i go to the file manager all of them are to fix this?
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    getting depressed over 503 and pdo

    this 503 and pdo error is really depressing me. I spent my last $60 to upgrade to the illuminated level so that I could get a webstore going, and now I can't even get it going because of these errors....damn I wish I would have known about this and I would have went to another hosting
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    attn admins, how to fix the missing pdo extension problem

    I ran a php file to make sure the pdo extensions were loading and it showed failed....the fix is that in the php.ini file you have to uncomment the lines: