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    Please Delete My hosting and Forum Account

    I no longer require this forum account or the hosting account I have on the Lotus server. I have downloaded everything I needed from the server, and deleted all other files.. So if it's not too much trouble, please and thank you. ^.^
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    Question about moving my account..

    awesome.. would i then just request my account to be deleted after that?
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    Question about moving my account..

    My brother has a paid account.. and my account is a ad-free free account.. my account gets suspended for high usage sometimes.. prolly cuz of the forum's chatroom.. it's not like i can take it away cuz it's something the members really enjoy.. but since my site and his site are for the same...
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    Lotus pooched?

    cool.. me and my 1000 forum members will appreciate it o.o
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    Lotus pooched?

    It's been screwy for a while now.. just wondering if we're being rebooted? Server NameLotus.x10 IP Address67.228.161.42 Server UptimeUnknown Server LoadUnknown...
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    Problem with Ciroc?

    nvm i got something mixed up
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    Error 500 & Timeouts on Lotus?

    Really.. cuz now i'm getting IPS Database errors for my forum.. did something happen to the SQL? Edit: I just saw this in my cPanel.. Server NameLotus.x10 IP Address67.228.161.42 Server Load 7.42 MySQL Offline DNS Offline It just keeps getting better.. >.< please jebus tell me i...
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    Error 500 & Timeouts on Lotus?

    Hoping this is just temporary.. everything was working fine all morning and afternoon until 2 minutes ago >.<
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    what's the climate there?

    Ontario Canada and it's been between 20-30c all week.. unseasonably warm but you wont hear me complain.. it's amazing :D
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for stuttering when typing your username. lol
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    Yahoo is raiding my forum!

    thats insane haha
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    cPanel down?

    I was in the midst of trying to restore some SQL Db's.. and I managed to get one done, and when I went to go back to the restore menu it started pulling a timeout.. although nothing's showing anywhere as it's down or anything.. I've tried reaching by way of the ip and url and nothing's...
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    Hmm..Lil 'more' help?

    well since you ppl decided to close my other thread claiming it was finito.. i guess i have to start another.. whatever.. you said my **** was term'd.. well i try to start up again.. and get these messages.. An Error Has Occurred You already have a hosting account, use it. And.. An Error...
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    Lil Help?

    I went away for a week.. and when I came back.. I am unable to access my forum.. I check out my cPanel.. and well.. there is no cPanel.. i get this message.. "Link Your Hosting Account In order to use the Ad-Enhanced hosting account management panel, you must have your forum account linked to...
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    Unable to access acct screen to link forum and hosting account.

    As per your instructions... "Ok, account "gradmin" terminated. Account "bleachsk" unsuspended. Please follow this steps to link the hosting account "bleachsk" to your forum account: HOW TO: Link your hosting account to your forum account. , or you'll get suspended. " As soon as I get to the...
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    New member, unable to log in...

    At first when i logged in it said the account was suspended.. I'm able to log into the x10Hosting account panel now and it says the account status is unsuspended, but I have not been able to log into the cPanel to get started with the site. I don't receive an error message other than "Login...