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    can't upload to ftp

    when i try to upload it says Response: 553 Disk full - please upload later Error: Critical error Status: Disconnected from server whats this about
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    Color of Global Moderators

    i made someone a global MOD and his name remains the standard color of members, can someone tell me why? (his name isn't the MOD color)
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    message after register

    every time someone registers on my site the get this message after the register: [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/functions_messenger.php on line 410: mail() has been disabled for security reasons members think they get an error so they don't come back! what is the reason...
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    Soljas Revenge Soljas Revenge is a game site. Pretty much just started so bare with me. More game will be added once more members join and suggest them. If you want to be active and suggest a game fill free to do so. thnx
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    importing styles

    i uploaded a new style to my ftp but i can't see it in my admin cp. anyone know how to make it visable? :dunno: problem solved!
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    remove text from header

    how do i remove the text from my header? my logo is on the left and some text on the right i looked in css but couldn't find it. site is
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    forum index

    how do i install the index.html. please excuse me i'm kinda new to this. and where do i get the skins from? any help would be nice. thx
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    FTP links

    when i upload something to the ftp how do i get a link for it?
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    A record and cname

    what does Arecord and CNAME record have to be set to? i have my name servers: and i can't connect to the cpanel. just a blank page comes up
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    Cpanel blank

    when i try to pull up cpanel the page is blank, and help?
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    conformation e-mail

    how long does the conformation e-mail take?