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  1. chainedb

    Default site page is showing up instead of index.html?

    Ya, have the same problem here. Thought the cPanel was reverted to it's default state or whatsoever :D
  2. chainedb

    UNABLE to see Softaculous on my Cpanel

    Yup, same here. Removed, maybe?
  3. chainedb

    What scares you the most?

    voted for "Insects". Specifically a Flying Cockroach. Eew.
  4. chainedb

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Mine's Google Chrome. I always use the "Inspect Element" function there, for my web development purposes. :)
  5. chainedb

    Free MMORPG?

    Mine's Perfect World. You should try that too, or CABAL :)
  6. chainedb

    Free Online Game

    If browser-based games, I play Avengers Alliance, Godswar but mostly I play Dota 2 (should be free to play soon) and Perfect World PH :)
  7. chainedb

    My Favourite Game

    Mine's Dota 2, and Perfect World (PH) :)
  8. chainedb

    The Ctrl+V game

    wait what? - oh, there's mine haha :)
  9. chainedb

    Hi there ! Thanks to you guys :)

    Well, I was searching for free website hosting, so I can deploy my portfolio online, Then I bumped here on x10hosting. Before anything else, let me get to my point. This site is great! They offer almost all of the features that I need, and they even included some spices such as Wordpress...