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  1. ginzon

    Need Some Serious Help Registering a Free Hosting Account

    Hi, I'm from India and I wanted to register a free hosting account but seems due to previous past records and mis behaviour of members my country has been banned and we can't register anymore. I Get This Thing: Kindly help me out register as I don't want to turn to any other hosting, I...
  2. ginzon

    Q. Parked Domain and Emails and Already Registered Domain

    Hi All, Long time been here since my account got banned for trying rapidleech... :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: ( This was a result of not reading ToS .. Hehe) Well since then I haven't hosted anything on the internet... But now I wanna Host and as per my experience, I really like x10hosting... Ok...
  3. ginzon

    Help in Selecting Package

    Hi All Been here after long time since got my account banned for my trail of rapidleech, well thats past.. Now guys i'm here to ask a few things bcoz i m a bit confused.. A friend of mine wanna get a website up, ok she's tryin a for a free web hosting... Will she be able to use her existing...
  4. ginzon

    Suspended, How to get goin with it

    Hi Looks like my attempt to know how rapidleech works has gotten my account banned... Since there would be no point using it at home n trying out i tried it over here, now can i get by account unsuspended or its gone for ever?? If can be unsuspended kindly, Thx You..
  5. ginzon

    Running ASP pages

    Hi guys I m new to x10hosting at the registration i read that ASP.Net is supported can anybody tell me where to upload my ASP pages inorder to get them running n how to access them... Kindly let me know as i dont know anything about it... :dunno: Thx in Advance
  6. ginzon

    Hi EveryOne

    Hi everyone i m new here.... site: its not up but soon will be up....