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  1. neteater

    disappointed little bit

    hi, its like a decade since i joined this community, and now i see members from india are not allowed to host website, was thinking to buy premium but not sure if that allowed either.
  2. neteater

    Came back after a long time and its shocking for me

    Hi, i have been a member of x10 since very long time, in fact i started my journey as webmaster from x10 only, when i first developed my site in dreamweaver and was looking for a host to upload my site developed as my project, this association is very long, but i am quiet surprised now that x10...
  3. neteater

    i want to host a hiv/aids related site

    hi, i want to host a hiv/aids related site, am i allowed to host it here
  4. neteater

    hosting of medical/healthcare site

    hi, i just wanted to know if i am allowed here to host a site related to health care/HIV aids, it might contain some pics, and mature issues
  5. neteater

    site is down

    hi my site is down i am on lite server i think :)
  6. neteater

    500 Internal Server Error

    my site is down its showing 500 Internal Server Error domain
  7. neteater

    how to setup domain for easy mail access

    hi i wanted to setup a domain something like, where i can simply add in my login and access my mail, is it possible if yes then how
  8. neteater

    my new project techindia

    dear friends please have some time to review my new site, its onn free domain but after some success will move it to new domain, its a new site and will make some promo for this as well( link xchange, review)
  9. neteater

    why i am not able to register for a free hosting with my forum name

    hi.. seems like things are changed.. i am not able to register with my forum username a free hosting account.. admin kindly help
  10. neteater

    i am back after so long

    hey x10ers i am back after a long break... i got new job in words best MNC.. although i am out of IT field not designing any more website no seo but now i am planning to make a site for my leisure... looking for your support and always ready to support new learners regards neteater
  11. neteater

    Win all my credits

    hi there i am giving out all my credits only for making one thread at my forum To get this you need to do this 1- go to my forum its little bit empty ;) 2- just make one thread(not in introduction area) and you are in competition 3-i'll select winner 4- contest...
  12. neteater

    .gov .edu backlink

    hi let me give the opportunity to explain you, what i am talking about. As all you know a good ammount of baklnk help your site gaining more visitor and high PR. .Gov and .edu are two extension which are not open for all to register and these domain always treated very nicely by search engines...
  13. neteater

    1$ and 100 credits for designing my logo and banner

    hi i am giving 1$ and 100 credits for designing a logo for my site the logo must contain S $ L alphabets and logo must be of standard sized and a standard size banner,so let me see your creativity. and winner must have to give me the original psd of that logo i'll be making...
  14. neteater

    am i able to get content back

    hi i just read an announcement by corey regarding data lose in this thread Q. Will I lose any files? A. You shouldn't but it's always good to keep a local backup. Remember that MySQL is stored on...
  15. neteater

    Admin for a day

    If i was a Admin for a day i would choose a Member and give him/her a Free Domain. What about you ?
  16. neteater

    site losted

    hi my site that was on lotus server is totally losted and i losted all the content due to server changes can you plz help me in getting my site back
  17. neteater

    where is my site

    it is being said tha all sites are restored bt neither my site or its content are visible m i totally finished
  18. neteater

    where are the content of my site

    hi i totally losted my site there is no content can you please tell me where all has gone
  19. neteater

    site down

    hi my site is down again not able to access it please help
  20. neteater

    site is again down

    hi my site is again down 3rd time in this week can some one tell me what is going on here